Let’s All Get Behind the Idea of President Ivanka Trump

The Democrats loathe Donald Trump. Many swore up and down that they would move out of the country if he were to be elected over Hillary Clinton. They stayed, and they even benefited from all that he did for the United States, not that they would ever admit that.

The only reason that Trump is so despised by the left is that he took away Clinton’s chance of becoming president. Liberals around the country mourned the possibility of her becoming the first female president – and they have taken it out on Trump since before he even stepped foot into the Oval Office.

What better way to really show that the Democrats are powerless with their votes than to throw our support behind another Trump?

Those five letters spark anger and fear into the hearts of so many liberals. We could litter the country with ‘Trump 2024’ signs. Progressives would tremble with rage as they contemplate the very possibility of seeing Trump in the White House in 2024.

But it wouldn’t be Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump has let it be known for a while that she is interested in politics. As the daughter of Donald Trump, she’s had the opportunity to gain a significant amount of life experience. She helped him on The Apprentice, she’s run businesses and campaigns, and she’s even worked as his advisor during his time as president.

Anyone who wants to run for president in 2024 is already laying the groundwork – well, if they’re smart.

You don’t think that Andrew Cuomo of New York decided to publish a book about his leadership qualities just for the money, do you? He’s eager to run for president and isn’t even shy about telling anyone who asks.

Ivanka Trump shared a tweet about her love for Iowa – and Twitter has been blowing up ever since.

It all started with Republican Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa tweeting about what happened in 1846 when President Polk signed a bill to make Iowa a state in the union.

Ivanka shared the tweet with a red heart followed by “Iowa!”

With 10,000 likes and counting, it proves that many people are happy with her tweet. Perhaps she just loves Iowa. But, perhaps, it means something a bit more. After all, Iowa is the state that kicks off the presidential race.

Anyone who is hoping to make it to the White House knows that they have to stop in Iowa. By her getting into the Hawkeye State’s good graces now, it could position her to take the state during the caucus so that she can make some major headway against any other Republican candidates who want to run in the primaries.

Ivanka has spent quite a bit of time in Iowa already. She’s campaigned for Reynolds, who ultimately won the title of governor. She’s also spent plenty of time there campaigning for her father as well as for GOP Senator Joni Ernst.

Is it possible that Ivanka Trump could go all the way and become the GOP candidate for the 2024 presidential ballot? Anything is possible.

She may have some tough competition, though. It is possible that Josh Hawley, the Senator from Missouri could run. A few governors have talked about running, too, including Greg Abbott from Texas and Larry Hogan from Maryland. There’s also the possibility that Mike Pence would choose to run.

Ivanka may not even be the only Trump who is interested in going after the presidency in 2024. Donald Trump has talked about the possibility of regaining the White House after four years of Biden. Further, Donald Trump, Jr. has flirted with the possibilities – and he’s got a large fan base of supporters.

Whether it’s Ivanka, her brother, or her father, it appears that the Trump name is going to be synonymous with U.S. politics for many years to come. The Democrats better get ready to live with it.