Left Blames Black and Hispanic GOP Wins on White Supremacy…

Eli Wilson / Shutterstock.com
Eli Wilson / Shutterstock.com

When the political left loses, it’s become a common practice to blame pretty much everyone but themselves. And their most used excuse is racism, and even more specifically, white supremacy.

So when recent losses in Virginia’s gubernatorial race left the Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe licking his wounds, it was surmised by numerous left-leaning outlets, reporters, and political analysts that the acceptance of white supremacy nationwide must be the reason.

There’s just one problem with this false assumption: that loss gave not one but two candidates “of color” places in the Commonwealth’s government.

As you well know, the winner and new Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin is classified as being white or Caucasian. However, the same cannot be said for his second in command or the state’s new attorney general.

Winsome Sears, the Republican and winning candidate for lieutenant governor is black, and the first of his race to hold that position. The new attorney general, Jason Miyares, is Cuban-American.

And yet, when MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently talked about the upset election in Virginia, she made a case that the entire head of the state had turned Republican because, well, “Republicans are dangerous.”

She went on to explain that “this isn’t a party that’s just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy. That at this point, they’re dangerous. They’re dangerous to our national security because stoking that kid of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hard core stuff.”

You know, like the January 6 run on the Capitol, which has now been proven to have been not nearly so dangerous or right-winged as everyone initially claimed.

But Reid wasn’t the only one with similar ideas. NBC’s Sahil Kapur claimed that McAuliffe got “clobbered by white women,” again insinuating that race is the only reason Youngkin and his not-so-white state officials won.

And The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill added to this sentiment by commenting on Kapur’s tweet, saying, “White women reporting for duty.”

Later, the liberal journalist added that the red wave taking over Virginia and other states had nothing to do with policies or “the messaging.” Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that apparently, “This country loves white supremacy.”

Again, does she not see the stupidity in her claims. Virginia did not just vote in their first African-American lieutenant governor because it loves white supremacy or racism.

Instead, it seems that the Democratic Party is the only one that really cares about race.

Take the recently defeated Terry McAuliffe, for example.

When his opponent came out against critical race theory in schools and so the introduction of materials into educational curricula that supported them, McAuliffe’s accusations didn’t speak at all of the ideals that this kind of talk teaches children. Instead, he was more worried about having a black female author’s work be banned.

He claimed Youngkin was racist because he was trying to ban literary works such as famed black author Toni Morrison’s “Beloved,” – never mind that the material introduces explicit ideology to young and impressionable minds.

Youngkin had no problem with the race or demographic origins of the author. Instead, he didn’t like that Virginia’s youth were being exposed to violence and explicit sexual details at such a young age.

And yet, for those like Nia-Malika Henderson, a senior political analyst at CNN, the election results that put Youngkin on top are all about “white identity politics.” And according to her, the Republicans are “better at playing this game” than they thought.

But what’s becoming painfully obvious is that the Democrats are running out of excuses. They’ve used everything else and failed at it so epically that nothing but this one little line seems to work anymore. And even then, we aren’t really buying it, are we?

Contrary to their beliefs, the average American is not stupid and certainly not to the point that we need to just trust them to do what is required without question. America is figuring out pretty quickly that an American government that leans left is not what we need or even want. All their policies and ideals they swore would be better for us are only causing more harm and damage.

And if Virginia’s recent election is any indication, America knows it.