Landlords Start Evicting Non-Vaccinated Tenants in Florida

The Democrats love to take control of people and ruin their lives. The pandemic put many people in financial ruin, so it was decided to help people pay their rent. Landlords were to be paid by the government so the tenant could remain in their homes. But when the program ran out, the Democrats wanted to extend the program. The problem with their idea is that they have not been paying the property owners.

The other problem is that Joe Biden wants to force people to get vaccinated or face dire punishments. Liberal property owners have grabbed his mandate and have announced that they will start evicting renters that have not been vaccinated or cannot prove they have been jabbed in the arm.

The man that is ready to kick people out of his 1,200 units is none other than Santiago A. Alverez. He has the final say in who gets to rent his units in Broward and Miami-Dade counties. He has stated that people who have not been vaccinated by the time their lease is up will be kicked out.

Alvarez is content to defy Ron DeSantis, who has outlawed vaccination passports. No one is legally required to prove their medical history. The loophole that Alvarez seems to have created allows him to kick people out when their lease is up. And he has stated to the state that he will do it regardless of what anyone else may say.

It all comes down to terminology. Liberals redefine words so they can invent loopholes to dive through. Alvarez stated that “We have to be concerned about our tenants and our employees. All of these are private properties. We’re just trying to keep people safe and healthy. It’s going to cost us money, but we’re very firm on that.”

Alvarez is a fearful liberal who wants to make life different for people who want to control their right to choose. The Supreme Court ruled that the liberal’s “eviction moratorium” was highly illegal. The CDC tried to keep people from being kicked out for not paying their rent. But it was determined that it was unconstitutional.

The issue Alvarez has created is almost certainly to be struck down as illegal. He is playing with civil issues when it comes to choosing his tenants, and he is not deny housing based on the racial issue, and so it will be with medical matters.

The Democrats have turned the pandemic into a social matter. People are being segregated based on their medical choices. The nasty Alvarez is flirting with prison time if his actions are illegal because he is committing acts of segregation that violate federal law.

Alvarez has an issue with the Republican governor. State law keeps people like Alvarez from taking action like what he is trying to do against renters. He faces $5,000 fines for each incident that he creates.

One report stated that “Two days after the DeSantis administration followed through on his threat to withhold funds from school districts that defied his ban on mask mandates, the Republican governor’s office confirmed that Florida will start issuing $5,000 fines to businesses, schools and governments that require proof of COVID-19 vaccination.”

Shady Alvarez wants to avoid state law because he is afraid of the virus. The man’s attorney wrote a letter “asserting that the policy does not violate DeSantis’ executive order banning vaccine passports, nor does it violate laws barring discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, familial status or religion.”

All he has done is redefined the discrimination law-making mention that it does not mention medical issues. In his mind, he has the right to refuse housing to people based on medical issues.

The vaccination fight was created to give the Democrats more control and power over the people and the states. Biden’s relentless attempts at grabbing power have come out loud and clear. He does not care about the people’s privacy, and all he wants to do is divide and conquer so he can become America’s first dictator evil dictator.