Kremlin Demanding the US Talk to Them


With Russia finally starting to slow down their advancements in to Ukraine, they seem to think that they have won the right to make demands of other nations. This mindset is unsurprising given the attitude of President Putin as well as the Kremlin. Contrastingly though, many of their military units have been giving up the fight left and right. Some at the drop of a hat, others once their tanks are taken out by local fighters.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke with reporters about the situation recently. Telling them “Personal insults cannot but leave their mark on relations between heads of state… One way or another, sooner or later, we will have to speak about questions of strategic stability and security and so on.” This example of being ready to talk about things and make progress towards establishing a new normal is something the American people have been missing out on.

However, there is a problem with this situation. The Kremlin is not considering or taking responsibility for their actions. They are shifting the blame and passing the buck. Just like they have been for some time now. Their stories about removing neo-Nazis have been proven to be largely unfounded and inconsistent throughout their talks.

What has remained consistent is their concerns for NATO troops being stationed near their borders, and their desire to ensure their territory wouldn’t be threatened. Their remarks however are slightly shifted from the remarks they issued back in February when Putin would still talk with Biden, but that’s over or at least on hold for now. As Putin won’t just recall his troops, and Biden won’t commit to sending troops to Ukraine or Russia, they are at a severe impasse for the time being.

One thing is certain from this attack though; the international financial landscape has completely changed because of this conflict. With two of the biggest and most modern countries closed to one another, prices are forced to skyrocket, and we cannot treat this as a newer version of normalcy either. Doing so would ultimately spell out a collapse in our economy at some point, and likely others as well.

As things continue, the Kremlin is already assured that they will accept the fate that they have carved out for themselves. Even if they are delusional enough to believe that this is a victorious fate, they are staying true to their beliefs. What does remain to be seen is how they will react if Putin steps down or is removed from power. While neither is an assured event or something guaranteed to happen, there is also no way to pretend this entire conflict and invasion of Ukraine never happened. So, there must be some line, and this seems to be why the Kremlin is issuing statements calling for talks. Even if Putin didn’t sanction that request, he has to see the long-term strength of making such a request.

The fact of the matter is we are already staring down the barrel of another cold war. Major players in this include China, Russia, and the US. They need to ensure their security and to make sure we don’t destroy each other and the world as a result. Despite this threat, we also cannot be spending from now to eternity with our finger on the nuke button just waiting to get a reason to give it a good push either. Opening discussions back up and ensuring everyone is heard is the key, but almost as importantly we need to ensure the small market countries like North Korea and Iran don’t try to get brave. While China and Russia have a firm pact based on strong economics and location, Iran and North Korea can easily be wiped out and trying to avoid these kinds of confrontations needs to be a goal for them as well.