Kicking the Right off Platforms Doesn’t Make the Problem Go Away

Go ahead. Kick the right-wing extremists off of social media. Prove that you really are all about censorship.

The Democrats clearly haven’t thought their actions through. They’re celebrating the fact that Amazon shut Parler down and that loud members of the GOP have been silenced on Twitter and Facebook.

Sure, those people are being silenced. However, many are being punished for doing nothing wrong. They’re simply voicing an opinion. They’re not inciting violence. They’re not spouting hate speech. They just have a differing opinion.

The more the liberal media tries to silence the right, the louder the right is going to become. It’s because they’re already confirming everything that we suspected – that the liberals really are trying to silence us because of thinking differently than they are.

The problem will get worse. Why should we be quiet? If the Democrats are doing things that are against the Constitution or hurting Americans, it is our civic duty to be as loud as possible.

Kicking people off of the platforms isn’t going to take care of the problem. At some point, there will be other avenues to speak out loud. New platforms are in the works right now. They won’t have the censorship that Facebook and Twitter have and they’ll be on completely independent servers, so Amazon can’t hit the “delete” button.

It’s basic psychology, really. Tell people they can’t do something and they’ll find a way to prove you wrong.

Right now, the liberals are hiding behind big tech. There’s been no communication from the White House to silence people. Instead, it appears as though big tech has decided upon themselves to figure out how to keep everyone quiet. They’re going to censor people because they have terms and conditions that allow them to do so.

Rather than politicians who have been voted in to speak for the people making decisions, we’re allowing Apple and Google to make the decisions. Tech CEOs are determining what can and cannot be said. They’re the ones who are determining whether we actually have first amendment rights or not.

Since when did we vote Apple and Google in to make these decisions? We’re supposed to just accept their decisions? Absolutely not.

The tech companies aren’t silencing a small group of people. They’re silencing a large group. And as that group gets silenced with greater frequency, more people become outraged.

Only a small percentage of the silenced group are being silenced because they’re actually inciting violence. The reality is that most people are talking in hypotheticals and discussing conspiracy theories – neither of which is against the law.

When there’s a large population being silenced, it allows them to pool together resources. The right is making it clear that they will not be silenced. Tech companies will only be able to do so much. At some point, the liberal politicians are going to have to come out of hiding to do something about it.

There’s always a will to live. There’s always a will to speak out loud.

America is based on the ability of free speech and the ability to disagree with the way the government is being run. Silencing a large population of Americans goes against everything that the country stands for.

Kick us off Facebook. Shut down our Twitter accounts. Delete Parler. Block our YouTube videos. Is that going to stop us? Absolutely not. There are ways to get loud. Silence us and we’ll get louder and louder until we are able to have a conversation.

The left-wing politicians have made it clear that they’re not interested in having a conversation. They don’t want to compromise. They assume that if they silence the noise from the other side, they won’t have to deal with any of it.

That was their first mistake. Their second mistake was mistaking just how many are on the right.

Clearly, it’s going to get to a level where they won’t be able to hit the mute button any longer. They’ll have to face their decisions and they’ll be forced to compromise in order to achieve peace.