Keystone Bite Marks Found on Biden as States Sue Him Over Shutdown

President Biden’s actions the first two months of his career as the worst President ever have been to undo the great things that Donald Trump did for America. One by one, he penned away from the changes that secured the country and brought prosperity to the nation. And now that things have had time to manifest the consequences of those choices, people are coming out and suing the lustful man in court for destroying their lives.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a crowning achievement of two countries working together to create an industry powerhouse within the natural resources industry. Biden sees the pipeline as a Donald Trump creation that needed to go so everyone would eventually forget about the success that he had during his first term.

But all Biden’s actions did was anger 21 states that banded together to file a lawsuit against sleepy Joe Biden and his staff. The wannabe president made it his mission to kill the construction the line because it reminds him of Donald Trump. This avenue of moving resources is designed to move oil from Canada and Montana to the state of Texas.

Every state that the line would pass through wants it to happen. But the liberals and their minority groups throw at the environmentalism card, hoping it will stop the construction. Critics would instead force trucks to haul the oil. So, they would have to burn gas to haul gas. Rather than let a pipeline haul it emission-free for the companies.

Liberals have no commonsense to see that the best way to haul the oil is by the pipeline method. But they are so blinded by their hate for Donald Trump and their desire to save the world somehow that they have missed the point that their way actually destroys the very nature they want to save.

Joe Biden had to use executive powers to shut the construction down. He could not rely on Congress to work out a more equitable solution. The point he was trying to make is that he believes he is more powerful than Trump ever was. The only thing that he can seem to wield is the pen. And that has to run out of ink at some point.

The 21 states pointed out in their lawsuit that “The President lacks the power to enact his ‘ambitious plan’ to reshape the economy in defiance of Congress’s unwillingness to do so. To the extent that Congress had delegated such authority, it would violate the non-delegation doctrine. But Congress has not delegated such authority: It set specific rules regarding what actions the President can take about Keystone XL and when. The President, together with various senior executive officials, violated those rules.”

Biden has once again broken the laws to achieve his goals of office. The states have pointed out that the counties that house the pipeline will lose a massive amount of tax money, adding up to $4 million per year. And they will lose another $66 million from sales alone.

These are states and counties that could really use this kind of money. They go on to point out that “The pipeline States, as well as their counties, local communities, and school districts stood to gain tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue from the construction and operation of the Keystone XL. The total estimated property tax from the Keystone XL project in the first full year of operations would be approximately $55.6 million spread across 27 counties in just three States—Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska.”

But Biden and his administration do not care about the little farmers and workers living in the country since most of their votes come from the big cities. They are content to sit back and watch rural America die at the hand of starvation and lack of jobs.

The most impoverished counties in the country would have been able to use that money for projects to make their counties better and more productive. They could have used the money for schools and other community projects to make lives better and America great.