Kerry Makes Bold Threats and States Fire Back With More Ammo Than He Can Handle

Democrats are the one political party that, when given an inch they will take the mile. And when it is time to give the inch back, they are not willing to release control. The leftist party thrives on power and control. And as Joe Biden sits in the White House, they are content with letting him rock away because they get to rule and reign without having to answer to him.

Big government is a mark of the Democratic Party. Their push is total control over people at every level. But not every level of government likes to have the federal thugs looking over their shoulders.

The United States was set up to have a balance of power. States could retain a level of autonomy while at the same time supporting a national government to protect the country as a whole. The federal government was never designed to rule the states. That approach is unconstitutional and sets the country down a dangerous path.

Republicans are the ones that favor a smaller federal presence at the state level. And they are finally learning that at the state level, to fight back or the loony left will take over, and it will be next to impossible to get rid of them.

The Democrats take over one inch at a time. They look for those inches and find ways to ooze into them without many people noticing. They have even found their way into the business world, which violates the ethics of business.

The political tape spreads wide and far given the Democratic reach. Some credit companies and lending institutions have decided that they can back a liberal federal government by denying funding to companies that would seem to harm the environment. The problem is that the standard of how lending is measured would change with each new ruler.

John Kerry is the instigator of such a thought. He keeps pushing an overreach into the private sector by mandating that companies change the way they do business. If they will not change, he is pushing that they keep from being able to borrow money.

There are thousands of companies that thrive off of natural resources. And the Democrats want to hurt every one of them. They cannot seem to get the general public under control, so they have to try some new approach to push their made-up agenda.

The recent idea coming from the left is the woke phenomena. The lies and personal preferences coming from different corrupt liberals are what is driving the push.

Their secret is out because now 15 states are fighting back and telling the liberal feds to keep out of their states. Natural resources are the bedrock of American businesses. Everything is built on the oils and gases that are extracted from the ground. People heat their homes using natural resources, and even electronics are made from them.

For a Democrat to threaten to withhold loans is to bully businesses into the ground. John Kerry and the rest of the nutty Democrats are determined to run America into the ground. The idea of reducing emissions is a child’s fantasy. Emissions are hurting the world, as the liberals claim they are.

The push to politically control businesses is a socialist move. Communist countries and socially destroyed countries control businesses. And those that support the idea will fight tooth and nail to keep the Republicans from pushing the federal government out of state business.

Big brother government involved in large corporations is a dangerous mix. They hold all the power and the cards when it comes to lending money. They effectively dictate who is worthy of the money and the support to grow a company. People that resist the establishment will be kept in the pour house until they learn to submit to liberal authority.

State leaders are pushing for laws and regulations that will keep large companies from bullying the smaller companies. Money is not the ultimate force that the Democrats think it is. The people’s will is what drives America and gives people the power to rule in governmental positions.