Kamala Harris’s Ex Admits Riots Have the Biden/Harris Ticket in Hot Water

As looting, rioting, and outright violence continue to surge through our city streets, Democrats are finally starting to see a problem with letting it endure. But don’t for a second think it has anything to do with injustice, morality, or ethical unfairness.

Instead, as former San Francisco mayor and Kamala Harris’s ex Willie Brown says, the problem with the continued chaos is that it is beginning to hurt the Democratic presidential ticket.

Brown’s remarks on the topic were featured in a recent column of the San Francisco Chronicle and acknowledged that the riots, no matter how sincerely they appear to be about ‘racial injustice,’ have put the Democrats between a rock and hard place so to speak. And at this point, there is little they can do to amend the situation.

As you well know, for years, the Democrats have pushed the idea of always being politically correct and never offending anyone. But in recent years, mainly since the arrival of President Donald Trump to the political scene, they have morphed this into an entire movement of sorts called being ‘woke.’

What it has created is a national atmosphere that says we have to always be ultra-inclusive and super-sensitive, and one in which we can’t tell someone they are wrong for fear that they will be offended.

And so, when ‘peaceful’ protests began to include things like looting, arson, and rioting, the left was quick to let it slide, focusing on the hate and division that they claim President Trump has created.

However, by not condemning the violence and such from the get-go, they have made themselves appear to endorse it, as Brown says.

Especially when, according to Brown, “A recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that three-fourths of people surveyed were concerned about rising crime in the nation’s cities. Nearly half were worried about rising crimes where they live.”

Brown added, “Numbers like that have Democrats in a heck of a bind. If they stand up and condemn the ‘demonstrators,’ the left-wing will label them as Trump flunkies and they’ll be in all sorts of trouble.” Not to mention they’ll be seen as hypocrites of the worst kind.

But, “if they keep quiet or offer passive responses (as they have been), voters will assume they’re OK with burning and looting.”

And we all know that’s not exactly a good look for a presidential ticket.

Furthermore, Brown says that even if Biden and Harris do condemn the violence, as they have just now begun, no one will think of it anything more than a political ploy, which it most certainly would be.

I mean, for months now, chaos has run the streets of places like Seattle, Portland, New York City, and, of course, Minneapolis. In all that time, Biden’s campaign has done little to stand against it or even say that it’s wrong. In fact, members of his campaign, as well as Harris herself, have donated funds to bailing protesters and rioters out.

And yet, now, suddenly when it has become evident that voters don’t really like the violence, they want to say something?

No, I think not. Anyone with half of a brain could see this for exactly what it is: a play to get more votes.

And in fact, many already are, as Biden and Harris, both have suddenly taken to addressing the violence. On Monday, during a speech in Pittsburgh, he tried to say that enough was enough, that the riots and looting had to stop.

But I guarantee his words fell on deaf ears. By staying silent, he has already made his bed, and now, he and his miserable party have no choice but to lie in it.

Meanwhile, President Trump has been outraged about the protests, riots, and violence since it began in late May. He’s made speeches about it, as well as sent the National Guard and federal agents in to quiet it.

So who do you think citizens will side with when they feel afraid of the rising violence and crime and want a change? Someone who just now decided to make a stand against it or the law and order president who has already shown himself approved in this area?

And when someone as Democratically flawed as Willie Brown is sounding the warning bells, you know there’s a severe problem.