Judge Nails School As They Fire Teacher Over Personal Beliefs

By Jacob Lund/shutterstock.com
By Jacob Lund/shutterstock.com

The Democrats are working overtime to silence free speech for all conservatives. They want to create rules and regulations that would force people only to speak words of agreement with the establishment. And any person seeking to speak out in opposition would be punished severely for their actions. One Loudoun County School system teacher found out that he could not speak out without losing his job.

But what the liberals do not expect is for a fight to happen when Constitutional rights are violated. And that is precisely what they from tanner Cross. The man who lost his job spoke up about a policy that should have never been put in place.

Cross took the issue to court and found that justice still works in America. A judge in Virginia granted Cross’s petition for a permanent injunction that will protect free speech and any other teacher that wants to speak up over the policies being handed down by educational leaders that have no clue what it means to educate kids.

The school board was trying to push a transgender policy on the teachers. Cross could not agree because of religious convictions, and he was put on leave for his speech.

But Tyson Langhofer, a lawyer with the Alliance Defending Freedom, was asked to represent Cross. And he stated that “Teachers shouldn’t be forced to promote ideologies that are harmful to their students and that they believe are false, and they certainly shouldn’t be silenced from commenting at public meetings.” The fight for freedom is more than just a defense for Cross, and it is about every teacher having the right to speak up when policies violate convictions.

Langhofer noted that “While we are very pleased that Tanner will be able to keep serving his students in light of this settlement, the concerns expressed in our ongoing lawsuit challenging the district’s policy remain.”

Cross stated at the board meeting that he was not in support of the policy. It did not take the liberals long to put the man on leave, and they were looking for a reason to make an example out of the man so other teachers would keep their mouths shut.

The ADF noted that the school would have to pay $20,000 in legal fees Cross has incurred because of the liberal’s attacks. He is also allowed to return to work even though his bosses hate him.

The school board is trying to force the teachers to use appropriate pronouns when referring to kids that want to play house in the school. If a boy wants to play mommy in class, they are to be addressed with a pronoun to feed his playful spirit.

Cross cannot endorse things that violate his convictions as a Christian. Cross stated that “When I spoke I was thinking about my values, my students, my parents, and my fellow teachers. The truth is I am not alone. Many of us are concerned that proposed policies would harm students and require us to violate our beliefs by saying things that are not true.” And that is true based on the fact that two other teachers have joined with him in filing the case.

The policy would force the teachers to claim a message that they cannot endorse. They would be pushing a lie based on the gender of the kid based on genetics. They would have to push a lie that claims men and women can change their sex anytime they want to. But the harsh reality is that no one can.

The court case noted that “But if they refer to students based on their biological sex, they communicate the views they actually believe—that our sex shapes who we are as humans, that this sex is fixed in each person, and that it cannot be changed, regardless of our feelings or desires.”

The contentious attacks against parents and teachers are why the Democrats lost big time in election races around Virginia. But the liberals at lower levels failed to learn a lesson about listening to parents and teachers. And now it is their turn to face the wrath of the red wave.