Judge Gets Personal and Ends Up Losing Position on the Bench

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The concept of power and how it is used will define a person’s character. Joe Biden and his Democratic Party thugs continue to abuse the power they have been entrusted with that no one trusts them anymore. They continue to lie, cheat and steal their way into higher positions of power. And never once do they ever consider the people they have destroyed along the way.

Judge Julie Hawes Gordon has found out what happens when a person begins to abuse their power. The Kentucky judge was taken from her position and put aside because she was found influencing the outcome of a case that involved her son accused of criminal activities. She was trying to protect a criminal by exerting influence over the case.

Her selfish actions were discovered, and the Judicial Conduct Commission decided it would be best for everyone if Judges Julie Haws Gordon were stripped of her position. The commission stated that Gordon abused her power “over an extended period of time and over her entire tenure as judge.”

Judge Gordon does have the right to file an appeal. But her track record of trying to use her power to get what she wants will guarantee a failure on her part. The abusive judge has only ten days to file such a review.

Newsbreak reported that “Among the findings, the conduct commission panel said Gordon had tried to arrange for the release of her son, Dalton Gordon, and tried to influence both the judge and prosecutor in his case to get the outcomes she wanted. Commissioners also found Gordon had used her position to get special visitation with her son while he was incarcerated in the Daviess County Detention Center and had appointed her son’s defense attorney as a paid guardian ad litem in family court where she presided.”

A judge is just a person that does a job of deciding what is right and wrong based on established law and the Constitution. But Gordon saw herself as someone special and having great power because she would use that position and power to get special treatment from other people.

Democrats love to use their positions and power to threaten people to do what they want them to do. People who abuse their power often have to threaten others to break the rules, which will allow them to have special privileges, such as the case of the judge being able to visit her son in jail.

Gordon has also lied to the Judicial Conduct Commission and treats people harshly in the courtroom. The commission believes that Judge Gordon harmed the judiciary part of Daviess County, where she once ruled like a queen. After all, a power-hungry judge believes that the courtroom is their realm where people need to bow and submit to their authority.

Gordon was also known to require families to show up to court late at night. She would also force families to be in court after midnight. She would force organizations to test for drugs in people and often had her court staff run a drug test on people under her authority. The bad part was that the drug tests would be stored in the staff refrigerator near lunches, ready to be consumed by workers.

But Gordon is the finest example of what a raunchy Democrat looks like and acts. Gordon was under investigation by the commission since their decision to remove her from the courtroom throne was not based on one act of indiscretion. She had a history of repeated offenses and ill-treatment of people that had to suffer through her judging their cases.

Judge Gordon is just one of many people who have fallen into being corrupted by power. Instead of viewing herself as a servant to the people, she viewed herself as a tyrant ruling the people. She overstepped several lines of ethical behavior and forced others to do things that they were not qualified or authorized to do. His fate is sealed, and the commission did the right thing by taking out another power-hungry person that steps on people to get what they want.