John McCain Rolls in Grave as Cindy Joins This Advisory Board

John McCain was a Republican. He served his country, first as a US Navy officer and then as a US state senator. He was even so committed to his country that he ran for president, under the Republican ticket.

Although McCain and Trump never saw eye to eye, there are things that he would never have been okay with – including allowing a Democrat into office without a fight.

Cindy McCain has made a traitorous decision. Her late husband is likely rolling in his grave with her decision. She has joined Joe Biden’s advisory board.

How can a Republican of sound mind help the enemy? As a man who spent time in the military, McCain would definitely see the fight between Trump and Biden as entering enemy lines.

It doesn’t matter how many differences there are. Trump may not have had the best relationship with the McCain family but he is the better choice for the country. Biden is a placeholder for the socialist values that too many Dems are forcing on him. It can be seen as he talks about his plans for the future, citing verbatim things that Bernie Sanders has said. Even the choice of Kamala Harris shows that socialism isn’t too far out of reach.

So, Cindy McCain would rather help the enemy than to try to get past some differences with Trump. She’d rather help to lead the country down a path that it may never truly recover from. And for what? To spite Trump?

John McCain would have never wanted this. He would have never wanted to see his Republican wife choosing to help a Democrat who is incapable of talking in a sensible way – who has never served in the military and who has horrible ideas for the country.

With John McCain out of the way, perhaps Cindy McCain feels that she can finally be the liberal she was always meant to be. She participated in the Democratic National Convention and she has endorsed Biden officially.

Cindy seems to have confused her late husband’s friendship with Biden as someone he’d like to see as President. And, if John McCain would have backed Biden, perhaps Joe Biden isn’t being honest about who he really is as a candidate. At one point, he referred to himself as a Constitutionalist. Yet, most high-ranking Dems continue to pull him further left to the point that it’s impossible to know who he is anymore – and that’s the real danger of voting for him.

Cindy McCain tries to explain her reasoning for being a traitor to her country: “My husband John lived by a code: country first. We are Republicans, yes, but Americans foremost.” She goes on to explain how Joe and John would have very passionate arguments about various topics that they didn’t see eye to eye on. However, she believes that Biden is a “good and honest man” and that he will lead the country with dignity.

Yikes. It sounds like Cindy has been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid. She’s voting for Biden out of friendship instead of looking at the issues. While the country needs a “good and honest man,” it also needs a president that has a stronghold on the issues. She’s already admitted that neither John nor she agrees with him on all the issues. Not agreeing on the issues is a big deal – it means that he’s not going to lead in a way that John McCain would have found agreeable.

Sometimes, friendship is enough. When it comes to deciding on who the president should be to lead us into a better economy and a better country to live in, friendship is most certainly not enough.

Cindy McCain is a sellout. She is now voting for the man who once called McCain “an angry man, lurching from one position to another.” Perhaps she belongs with the Democratic Party after all.