Joe Biden’s Lunatic Ministry of Truth Must be Destroyed


Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the creation of a new “Disinformation Governance Board” within DHS. No matter what the Biden regime attempts to say from this point forward, this board has one purpose: To silence the speech of Americans on the internet if they disagree with the Democrat Party’s policies. And they’ve got a lot of guns to back that threat up.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News was quick to label the governance board Joe Biden’s “Ministry of Truth,” after the totalitarian thought police in George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984.’ That’s a name that’s likely to stick because it’s much easier to remember and say than Disinformation Governance Board. It’s also remarkably accurate. This is a Ministry of Truth, and it will be used to police the thoughts of Americans, who were supposed to have free speech rights until about five minutes ago.

As Mayorkas testified before Congress last week, he stated that the Ministry of Truth will work directly with DHS fusion centers across the country to “identify individuals who are descending into hate” on the internet. That gave away the whole game right there. How exactly does a person “descend into hate?” How long does that sort of thing take? And most importantly of all, even if a person were to “descend into hate,” have they committed some sort of crime?

The answer is obviously that there is no such crime as “descending into hate.” It’s still completely legal to hate someone or something. It should be apparent to everyone therefore that this new, terrifying law enforcement branch is going to police what people say to each other on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If you start to step too far out of line in criticizing Joe Biden’s disastrous policies (thereby descending into hate!), men with guns will show up at your door and tell you to knock it off.

Not long after Mayorkas made this speech-chilling announcement, the name of America’s top disinformation cop was revealed: Nina Jankowicz. She turns out to be a stark, raving-mad crazy person, which seems to be the norm for Biden administration appointees. Nina Jankowicz is one of the wokest of the woke and touts herself as an internationally recognized expert on disinformation.

Mayorkas said over the weekend that Jankowicz is a “tremendous authority” on disinformation. He adds that Americans are “very fortunate to have” Jankowitz. Uh-huh.

Fortunately, Nina Jankowicz has left a very large social media footprint, so that Americans can see just how much of a nutjob she really is. You’ve probably seen some of her karaoke videos already as social media sleuths and conservative news outlets have dug them up.

Jankowicz once sang a song about how she wants to have carnal relations with the corpse of the fictional character Harry Potter. In another TikTok video, she sings a song in which she asks who she needs to have carnal relations with, in order to get a promotion at work. (Maybe she should ask Kamala Harris for tips on that.) And of course, she sings songs about “disinformation” that are so cringe-worthy that you’d be embarrassed to admit that you know this person.

And yet this is the person that Joe Biden just appointed to be the new top cop at the nation’s newest law enforcement agency. One of the most telling quotes from Jancowicz was revealed on Monday of this week. Back in 2020, she stated in a media appearance that the government had “no business” policing disinformation on the internet.

Oh… So, when a Republican is in charge in the White House, the Executive branch should be policing anyone’s free speech rights on the internet. But now that Joe Biden is in the White House, it’s perfectly fine for the government to be policing free speech rights on the internet. Got it?

Fortunately, some top Republicans are already talking about defunding the Department of Homeland Security in the Appropriations Bill unless Biden’s new Ministry of Truth ceases to exist. Let’s hope they stay true to their word.