Joe Biden Told to Stand up and Be a Man by Floridian Governor

Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear that he would instead support America’s enemies and competition than the country he is the president of. The messed-up man kills jobs in America and then helps Russia build their pipeline across Asia and Europe. And the entire time, he lies to his people and holds hands with the enemy.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is tired of Biden throwing Americans under the bus and looking out for his self-interests. He has called on the joke Joe Biden to stop playing with the enemy and start acting like an American. It is time for him to support the Cuban people and help them find freedom.

DeSantis was asked by Sean Hannity a series of questions about Biden and his lack of effort to help anyone but himself. The Floridian governor noted how the Cubans were brave, and Biden was a coward over the matter of freedom. Hannity asks DeSantis as to what Biden should be doing right now to help people.

DeSantis stated that Biden needed to “Step up and be on the side of freedom. Internet access is something we have the capability of doing. We have companies in the U.S. that want to do it, but they need the OK of the federal government. He has it within his authority to do that. He could make it happen.”

The Cuban people need the ability to communicate with others living off the island. But when a communist dictator does not want people knowing the truth of their crimes, they will shut down all access points to the outside world.

The Cuban dictator has killed his people, disconnected power and communication services, and wrongfully detained people protesting the harm he is doing. The people in Cuba need help, and they need it now. They cannot wait for Biden’s slowness to catch up.

The difference that can be made by helping them communicate will be huge. But as DeSantis has noted, “As it stands now, he’s basically just sitting there doing nothing. He’s leaving these folks out to dry. And what’s going to end up happening, if they’re — they don’t get any type of assistance, the regime will continue to clamp down, and they will eventually stamp this out, and then they will remain even stronger in power. And that will be a huge blow to the cause of freedom.”

Communist regimes never want the truth of their atrocities revealed to the world. They want people to think that they are doing great and the people love them. That is why China will only allow positive stories to be released to the media. They want people to think that communism works and it is the best type of government. But in reality, it is the worst, and rulers that embrace it are known to kill protestors.

China expelled all American reporters because they were reporting stories regarding COVID-19 that were giving them a bad name. Doctors that were telling facts about the virus suddenly disappeared and were never heard from again. They even got a major health organization to lie for them and help cover up the truth.

Cuban families want to know that their loved ones are doing great. They want to know that they are safe and staying healthy. But if Biden does not act, it will be too late for freedom to find its way to Cuba.

DeSantis stated that “I think one of the reasons this is happening now is because Trump turned the screws on the regime in Havana and in Venezuela. Biden wants to liberalize all that. And I think all that will do is entrench the regime in power, and really, really make tyranny rule on the island even more.”

Biden has made it his mission to join forces with communism and see that they grab as much power around the world as possible. He has become the sole force behind the expansion of communism and socialistic ideas than any other in history. They control him, and he loves the benefits of having them in his back pocket.