Joe Biden Plays Banker on Student Loans – No Payments for How Long?!


The Democrats will tell people anything that they want to hear. They will make promises to people to gain their votes. And when the time comes to deliver on those promises, the Democrats ignore what they said and do the exact opposite. Joe Biden has made claims to the American people for several years and has yet to honor his promises.

One promise the old man told the country was that he would work hard to unite America again. But it soon became apparent on day one of his terms that he would divide instead. He took it upon himself to remove everything making America great again, and the executive ordered it right out of the Oval Office window. All conservatives knew right then and there, and Biden would be a piece of work that could never be trusted.

Another statement that was made sits around the issue of student loans. Biden and his progressive women have stated that they would work hard at getting all student loans canceled for everyone. And when COVID-19 hit, it looked like he was well on his way to making it happen when he would suspend payments for months. With people in the habit of not paying on their loans, the time was right to cancel those loans.

But now, Biden has reversed his course and told people that they should expect to start paying on those loans again. The payment plans would start back up on May 1. But now Biden is ready to reverse course again and make everyone dizzy. He wants to have his people delay payments for an undisclosed amount of time.

Businessinsider found out that Politico reported on the matter and stated that the lenders needed to stop informing people that payments were about to resume. Lenders have the task of collecting the money they have loaned to borrowers. But Biden keeps interfering in that process. He has seen to stop payments four different times.

A source told Businessinsider from within the Education Department that “From Day One, the Biden-Harris Administration has been committed to providing meaningful relief to student loan borrowers including the 41 million borrowers who have saved tens of billions as a result of the extended student loan payment pause.”

Biden may not be able to cancel student loans for millions of people, but he can certainly stop payments on them, allowing the person to save on interest.

Businessinsider reports that “Federal student-loan payments have been on pause, with waived interest, for the duration of the pandemic, giving 43 million borrowers temporary relief as the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis continues to grow.”

Biden has abused the pandemic to extend his socialist programs for months. He wants people to get used to handouts, so he is put in authority over them. The Democratic president is not about to give up his power over the student loan borrower, so he is willing to let the system ride for many more months to come.

The issue is that Biden and his administration want to create borders on the line of socialism. Every socialist country that has provided free healthcare and education has ended up in ruins. The country, in turn, ends up being ruled by the most potent dictator that can outlast all their opposition to the throne.

Biden is not a man that can stand up to pressure. The more people press the old man to do things, the more willing he is to cave in to their demands. Biden does not like conflict, and in his demented mind, it is easier to give someone what they want instead of resisting and waging war against the other person.

Biden promised his voter base that he would seek to cancel $10,000 in loan debt for every borrower. But he has never delivered on that promise. The best he has been able to do is drag out the pandemic and use it as an excuse to pause payments.