Jill Biden Embarrassed to Be Around Ailing Husband–Publicly Scolds Him

Joe Biden just cannot seem to find his get-out-of-jail-free card. He is trapped in a world where his decisions are being made for him by people that are not looking out for his best interests. They are looking out for themselves and having him do things that gain them favor and recognition. And now it seems that even his wife, Jill Biden, is taking cracks at the old man and wishing that he would straighten up because he is making her look bad.

Biden boarded his jet and took off for England to meet with other world leaders at the G-7 meetings. The trip has been anything but productive for the poor man. While he was getting ready to leave, the president was attacked by an unseen assailant. A cicada came out of nowhere and tried to land on his neck. It seems that even nature is mad at the old man.

The cicadas were so bad that the plane carrying the press could not even take off. Biden’s first trip out of the country to meet with world leaders has turned into a bit of a comedy hour.

The plane gets close to England and lands at Royal Air Force Mildenhall. Biden is surrounded by the United States military people upon arrival. One would think that the old couple would be getting along. But being in the same plane with Biden was enough for his wife.

Jill Biden has to play mother-hen and tell her husband to “pay attention.” She acted like she was watching over a two-year-old child as the two made their way from the plane. Jill Biden snapped at the president like a frustrated person who keeps making a clown of himself.

Biden and his wife were also seen sporting the latest style of Muslim wear as they made their way through the crowd. He keeps sending his mixed signals about the vaccine and the idea of mask-wearing.

Biden’s mouth also embarrassed his wife again when he got three little letters mixed up. He calls the RAF the RFA. His eyesight must be failing if he cannot see a prompter screen one foot from his face.

He also embarrassed his wife by telling a lie about how many times he had been to the Middle East. He kept telling people that he had been there 27 or 28 different times. Fact-checkers have long proven that he has not been there that many times. He is not even close to telling the truth.

His slip of the tongue went on throughout his speech. He could not remember the biggest threat to America, and he could not pronounce the word “warming” correctly. He tried to say it was “global warning.” All Jill Biden could do was look at the ground and shake her little head in disbelief that her husband is terrible at being a president.

He tells the English that the greatest threat is global warming. But at home, he tells people that it is the white supremacist. He was obviously referring to conservatives in America. And in everything he would say and mess up, the media would make him out to look like some saint that had fallen from heaven.

The media has long ignored the man’s criminal past. They want to give him excellent reviews on his comical speeches. They want people to think that the man has everything together. But when Jill Biden tells the old man to “pay attention,” everyone remembers just how far off the mark the man has become.

Jill Biden telling the president to shape up and pay attention is degrading to the American people. World leaders do not take him seriously or the vice president because they do not see them as their choice. Biden and his wife want the fame and the camera time, but they do not want to have to do the work that comes with the position.

The Democratic Party has to work overtime to cover up the mistakes and messes that Biden is leaving in his wake. Even his wife cannot seem to control the man that is slowly slipping from reality.