Jewish MP Accused of Supporting Nazi’s by Canadian PM Trudeau

Alexandros Michailidis/

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spending more time with his feet in his mouth than standing on them lately. No matter how hard he tries he keeps making the mistake of thinking the Canadian people are going to blindly obey everything he says, and thinking that he is blindly correct because he’s the PM.

However, nothing could prepare Canadians or others around the globe for his latest horrific statement. Member of Parliament Melissa Lantsman spoke out against the PM “fanning the flames during a national emergency…when did the prime minister lose his way?” A fair statement and question considering the number of labels and horrific names he has had for the Freedom Convoy and their protesters. Yet that wasn’t bad enough for PM Trudeau. Instead, he had to lose his cool like the liberal man-child he is.

Conservative Party members can stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag. We will choose to stand with Canadians who deserve to be able to get to their jobs, to be able to get their lives back. These illegal protests need to stop, and they will.” This response of course sent the Canadian Parliament into an uproar that needed to be silenced.

What he failed to remember here are two key pieces of information- Lantsman is a Jewish woman herself, and until the counter-protesters who showed up at the urging of the Liberal party there were no confederate flags or swastikas. This was originally and has largely remained a peaceful protest. As the globe knows Canadians are polite and peaceful people. If they are upset enough to protest, it’s already bad enough. They don’t allow division or hate to stay in their country.

This level of division and hatred is even spreading through to the American people as well. Just not in the way that Trudeau would have wanted. People on both sides of the aisle here are awaiting his imminent departure from office as it will be a sign of what the American people could choose to do to enact the changes we need to see here. While the concept of a Freedom Convoy has been toyed with here in the US it has yet to materialize.

For Canadians, this is a dark day in their storied history. They have had people fighting on both sides of the aisle for some time, but those who were for the mandates could work in unison with those who opposed them. Each side respected the other and their right to make a choice. Then PM Trudeau spoke up and fanned the flames of disagreement, insinuating to people that it was the start of an ‘us vs them’ battle. A dangerous message to send any country, but especially the Canadians.

This is a country of people who have ice in their veins. Many grow up spittin’ chiclets and playing hockey or participating in curling. While many Americans adapt to the cold, they are molded by it. Years of these harsh conditions have also given them one of the calmest temperaments of any country on the globe. So when they are riled up enough to protest, you know things are bad.

Now he wants to insult one of their best MPs by insinuating she as a Jewish woman stands with Nazis? Has this man lost his last brain cell? She is asking him to take a step back and realize that he is only making things worse, and he attacks the very heart of her. Then to make matters worse he starts making threats to freeze bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets. If the man wants a dictatorship like his frequently praised China he is certainly setting the tone for that to happen. It’s also possible the Queen steps in to weigh in on this matter, and if that happens he’s as good as gone.