It’s Schwarzenegger vs. Putin in the Terminator’s Biggest Role Ever…and Neither Is Backing Down


How odd that the Kremlin wouldn’t absolutely love a big muscular Russian-born guy known as the “Terminator.” His image represents strength, power, and the inability to be taken down. But they don’t. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilder turned actor turned politician. He’s also a bonafide flag-waving American citizen who just spit in the face of his ex-motherland and it pissed Putin off. 

Last week Schwarzenegger recorded a video to warn Russian citizens of how the Kremlin is lying to them and that they shouldn’t trust anything they hear about the invasion of Ukraine.

This caused the Kremlin to oil up its propaganda machine to negate the message Schwarzenegger had sent to whoever was able to hear it, which turned out to be a lot of people. Relatives in the U.S. found ways of getting it through and a few Silicone Valley gurus were able to briefly break through Russia’s outside media block on an odd-ball channel. 

Schwarzenegger has always maintained a devoted reverence for the people of Russia, it’s their government he takes issue with. He told them how they were being bamboozled by a small group of pro-Putin media puppets who are in cahoots with the Kremlin.

Putin shoe licker, TV host Vadim Gigin, took to the Russian airwaves with his neck veins a-popping. “He, in California, will tell us, who live here… the truth?”

The outraged host was followed up by Russia’s top female powerlifter, Maryana Naumova, another Putin puppet who aimed her response straight at Schwarzenegger.   

“Do you remember how in the second part of the ‘Terminator’ your hero goes back in time to prevent the creation of Skynet, which would bring the death of all mankind?”

“Russia’s special military operation does not aim to destroy the Ukrainian people. It is aimed at the neo-Nazi Skynet, which over the years has completely subjugated Ukraine and was about to turn into an uncontrollable monster, dangerous for all of its neighbors, not only for us.”

Putin’s been spreading the asinine rumor that Ukraine has fallen under Nazi control and they’re trying to save its people from the next Holocaust. This might be an easier little white lie to buy were it not for Ukraine’s democratically elected president being Jewish and all that…

His easily debunked lie proves something we’ve already learned the hard way here in the U.S. of America. Intelligence is not a prerequisite for being a president. Anyone can do it.

The Kremlin also pulled the strings of famed Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin who was quick to remind people of how Schwarzenegger’s dear old dad had fought with the Nazis in WWII. Of course, so did every other Russian so he wasn’t anything special.

He slammed the actor’s roles for his make-believe characters hunting down and killing Russian adversaries like rabid rodents. The “Terminator” movie grossed over $78 million worldwide and was a box office hit in Moscow. 

In his video, Schwartzenegger said, “I’m sending this message to various different channels to reach my dear Russian friends and the Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine. There are things going on in the world that have been kept from you — terrible things you should know about.”

When the video started receiving the desired result, Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to offer his thanks. “I want to thank every single one of you who shared this video. I have heard from fans in Russia so I know it is breaking through. Keep pushing.”

You keep pushing too, Mr. Terminator. Respect.