It’s Official: Newsom’s Feeling Desperate

If you’ve heard anything in the news about Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom as of late, it’s likely that an official election is being held in his state in September, asking citizens whether they should recall him as their leader or not.

As you can imagine, the liberal leader isn’t exactly happy about the idea of being kicked out of office and before his term is up. And, as such, he’s done pretty much everything he can to try to stop the election from taking place.

Of course, he’s failed, as he has just about everything else. And the polls clearly show it.

According to one recent poll, Newsom could lose by double digits in the September 14th election. And if that’s not bad enough, all the data says he’ll lose to a conservative Trump supporter.

Naturally, Newsom hasn’t taken the news well by any means. If anything, it’s only made him more desperate.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Newsom recently went on quite the rant against his top competitor, Republican radio host Larry Elder. Among the rival’s top mistakes, of course, was supporting Donald Trump – because we can’t have that in California…

But that’s not all Newsom had to say against Elder.

As he said, “The leading candidate thinks climate change is a hoax, believes we need more offshore oil drilling, more fracking, does not believe a woman has the right to choose (and) actually came out against Roe v. Wade, does not believe in a minimum wage.”

Apparently, Newsom thinks Elder’s pretty much the epitome of evil itself.

He’s hoping that there are more Californians who believe as he does, or at the very least will reject anyone affiliated with “Trump and Trumpism.”

Now, to be clear, Democrats do outnumber conservatives by nearly two to one in the state. However, so far, party nor “Trumpism” seems to have had anything to do with the now very likely recall of Governor Newsom.

Instead, it has everything to do with how he has failed the state thus far.

I mean, this is a man who claims the system that he leads is flawed, a man who just legalized theft, who has let his state become the homeless capital of the nation, and who doesn’t see a problem with rampant drug use and defecation on the streets.

And when faced with the COVID pandemic, Newsom was one of the most stringent when it came to the freedoms of his citizens. No longer are Californians allowed to work, permitted to get an education, or find ways to entertain themselves, indoors or out. Then, when his economy started suffering, as we knew it would, he simply raised taxes even more, all while keeping people locked away and stifled my useless masks.

Of course, none of those rules applied to him. While the entire state was kept on lockdown, Newsom and comrades went out to eat in public eateries whenever they liked, took off their masks on a whim, and even traveled outside the state on vacation when it pleased them, of course, all while getting paid big fat governmental salaries.

The fact of the matter is that California has suffered under Newsom’s reign. Crime has skyrocketed, homelessness has reached new highs – unemployment too. In addition, the population has, in fact, gone down, with so many people willfully leaving the state that California has actually lost an electoral vote.

Yet, when recently questioned by the Sacramento Bee about his rules, decisions, and all-around policies on governing, he says he doesn’t “regret a damn thing.”

And that’s precisely the problem. He simply doesn’t understand that what he’s done is only hurting the state. Neither has he learned anything about those failures.

No wonder people have lost their faith in his ability to lead and to do so justly. No wonder the typically left-leaning state is looking to vote in a conservative governor instead. I mean, who would want to put anyone who believes like Newsom back in charge?

Newsom can flail around all he likes about how this is all about Trumpism. But we all know differently, and it won’t be long before he will too…