It’s 2022 and Accidents Come from ‘Racism’ According to ‘Experts’

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When something unexpected happens in a negative way it is largely considered to be an accident. Apparently, we are all wrong about that. The root cause for them is ‘racism’ according to ‘experts’ according to NBC BLK writer Char Adams. Yes, you read that correctly. NBC now has an entire ‘BLK’ section of news, rife with a racially charged slant in their news coverage.

As leaders shift blame from electric space heaters to overcrowded housing in the wake of deadly fires in both the Bronx, New York, and Philadelphia, experts say the true culprit is poor residential conditions and the racism rife in the nation’s urban planning and infrastructure decisions. Within days of each other, the fire in a Bronx building killed at least 17 people, including several Gambian immigrants, and another in a Philadelphia row house killed a dozen. But the fatal nature of these fires follows a historical pattern in which negligent policymaking and infrastructural decisions can kill Black people at disproportionate rates.”

Her statement has a lot of correct points. The housing is certainly overcrowded in many large cities. The boroughs that make up New York City, as well as the city of Philadelphia all, have overcrowded low-income housing. This is nothing new, and something that happens in various urban centers around the world.

Looking more deeply into her article and you see that the ‘expert’ is a white woman by the name of Jessie Singer who has recently written a book called “There Are No Accidents”. She uses the book to explain how racism makes accidents occur. “Racism influences almost every way to die by accident in America, and it has for a long, long time. I looked as far back as 1900, and Black people die by accident at a higher rate than white people, all accidents total. Accidents are supposed to be unpredictable, unpreventable events. If that were true, accidental deaths would be randomly distributed across the U.S., but it’s not.”

To unpack her white guilt here, we need to understand that when you have a substantially lower population you will have a higher rate of accidents simply because there is a lower number to spread the rate across. It also does nothing to provide causation, just correlation. Unfortunately for her, that isn’t how the numbers are run. She instead should look at the socio-economic conditions and what people are doing there.

The fire in Bronx, NY was caused by a space heater due to a lack of proper heat in the residence. Hate to break it to these ladies, but black people aren’t the only people to use space heaters. It’s also not only black people who live in tiny, cramped apartments, or who live with a massive number of people in a unit like we saw in Philadelphia. It’s the people who are earning low wages. Illegal immigrants, undereducated, and drug users are commonly found occupying the units in these housing blocks.

If they want to pick this issue apart, that’s fine. Just make it accurate. Instead of bating the race hook to throw out there, try just the economic hook. Lower-income homes are more likely to produce lower-income adults as well as lower-educated adults. These two factors alone make them statistically more likely to be addicted to drugs, and also make them more likely to be unable to maintain relationships. As such they are more likely to be divorced. Kids of divorced parents are also more likely to end up divorced themselves, earning a lower income, and suffering from drug & alcohol abuse.

Her racial argument is most simply explained without the racist slant. Being poor makes you more likely to be in conditions that allow for accidents to occur. If you want to be safe you need to provide a safe environment for yourself and your family. This will better enable them to provide for their family as well.