ISIS Women Too Dangerous for Syria…What Do We Have?

By Giambra
By Giambra

Since Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, there have been countless people displaced — including those who are suspected terrorists.

Well, the countries that took in these refugees are dealing with a bigger problem — those who are deemed too dangerous. That seems to be an issue everywhere because it happened so fast that there wasn’t enough time to do sufficient background checks.

In Syria, there were three Islamic State women in prison camps. They were deemed “too dangerous” and were repatriated to Sweden. When that happened, two of the women were immediately arrested because they were suspected of participating in war crimes.

Kurdish authorities in Syria had worked tirelessly with the Swedish government to repatriate these women. The bigger issue is that if Syria finds them to be too dangerous, what does that really say about the women — and the countless others who might be in Syria, Sweden, and even the United States?

According to a Swedish document, “the authorities have strong reasons to regard these women as active threats to security, law, and order.”

The Kurds have been working to collect sufficient evidence in order to try the women in court. Meanwhile, the women have been released by the Swedes temporarily. Since there isn’t enough evidence, they cannot be held. However, Interior Minister Mikael Damberg reassures everyone that “there is no statute of limitations for many of these serious crimes for which they can be suspected.”

Islamic State members are found in various parts of the world. And, terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp wants to stop these women from being allowed into Sweden at all because there are insufficient laws so that they can be prosecuted.

Sweden has an anti-terrorism law. So, it would seem that it would be easy to persecute. Yet, the law has been in place for over a year and no one has been charged under it.

It sounds like Sweden is dealing with some of the same political BS as the U.S.

There’s a bigger problem, though. If Syria has already returned women to Sweden for being too dangerous, what do we really have going on in the U.S.?

When Biden pulled U.S. troops out of Afghanistan so fast that it made our heads spin, we also took many Afghans who didn’t want to live under Taliban rule. We didn’t take a handful. We took somewhere in the ballpark of 95,000 Afghans.

Now, you might assume that they were all background checked and vetted, right? The Biden administration wouldn’t be stupid enough to let all of those people onto planes and let them off in the U.S. without sufficient vetting, right? After all, there could be countless Islamic State members. There could be countless individuals who mean to bring down the U.S. We wouldn’t leave ourselves that vulnerable, would we?

Biden may have just offered up his neck — and the neck of every American because the vetting wasn’t complete. We stranded Americans in Afghanistan just to make room for potential terrorists. 

What’s it going to take to find the terrorists at this point? Well, since many are escaping from the military bases…and many are being released by DHS, we have to wait until AFTER they commit the crimes. Great plan, right? And, it gets worse. The liberals don’t want to prosecute. They don’t want to deport. So, we get to sit back and become victims.

It’s happening in other countries…and it’s only a matter of time before it happens here, too. Thanks for looking out for us, Biden.