Is Kamala Harris Being Groomed for President Right Under Our Noses?

We’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden is our president. Yet, even before Inauguration Day, there were questions as to whether he was mentally capable of the job. There were plenty of rumors going around about his overall health and his mental decline. However, he secured the election and was sworn in as the president.

Since being declared the president, we haven’t seen Biden do much except hide inside of the Oval Office, signing executive orders left and right.

He has yet to hold a presidential press briefing. He hasn’t even been the one to hold conversations with foreign leaders.

It seems like the only one that we are hearing from is Vice President Kamala Harris.

She’s doing everything that Joe Biden should be doing. She’s even met with international leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These are things that Biden should be doing. So, it begs the question: Why isn’t he doing them?

It also leads to even more interesting questions, like the one asked by Maria Bartiromo, the host of Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. “What is going on? Are we getting ready for some kind of transition?”

Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican Representative answered in a way that should leave everyone very nervous. He said that it’s worth wondering if there’s not already some kind of transition to Harris. He also pointed out that Biden has “had more attacks on Syria than he’s had press conferences.”

It wouldn’t take much for Kamala Harris to be given the keys to the kingdom. She could easily be identified as the president at any point in time. All it would take would be for Biden to formally step down. If Biden chose to do that of his own volition, it wouldn’t surprise anyone. Of course, it’s also possible that the Democratic Party will decide at any time to declare Biden mentally unfit to pursue the position.

Either way, Harris gets the title because that’s how the line of succession works.

Kamala Harris didn’t win the primaries. She dropped out early in the game because voters weren’t interested in what she had to say. If they wanted her as the president, they would have voted differently.

There may be a significant amount of voter’s remorse going on around the U.S. right now, particularly among progressive voters. Gaetz asked if people actually wanted a “warmonger president” like they have found with Joe Biden.

Trump was looking to broker peace deals around the globe and confront the threat of China. Instead, Biden is destroying those peace deals and comforting China.

Everyone has been looking for Biden to do something positive. They’re waiting for him to take the podium for a press conference, too. It’s time. The country and even the rest of the world are waiting. Biden’s made history by being the first president in 40 years to have not held a press conference at this point in his administration.

It’s expected that Biden will be holding a press conference by mid to late March, but it’s possible that he’ll pass that on to Kamala Harris to do, too.

It’s clear that he’s not interested in leading like any other president. He’s signed more executive orders in the first two weeks than any other president in the past century has within their first month. The power has gone to his head. He’s not even interested in working with Congress to sort out legislative issues. He’s even used the war powers he’s been granted instead of working with Congress.

Mentally unstable? Oh, yeah. And everyone knows it. That’s why it won’t be surprising when suddenly Kamala Harris becomes the president. They’ve already been grooming her for the position, so it will be one of the smoothest transitions to ever occur. And we should all be terrified that this has been happening since day one.