International News Org Has a Laugh Calling out American News: ‘Real Journalism Doesn’t Exist There’

The mainstream media has been less than trustworthy for years, and that’s no surprise to conservatives, especially those who listened to the late great Rush Limbaugh. The iconic radio host coined the term “drive-by media” years ago to describe the damaging and flippant mafia-style reporting happening within the hallowed halls of some of the nation’s most prominent news stations, and the illustration has become more apt as time wears on.

One wouldn’t have to stay abreast of every detail of American politics to see how the talking heads broadcasting from New York City had done an injustice to the role of journalists, but it would be easy to assume that you might have to know what was going on to have a deep understanding of just how bad it’s gotten for the everyday consumer of news.

Apparently, however, it’s not that difficult to define how things are going. Such was the case when the Australian newscasters on Sky News began to point out how the media was covering President Joe Biden at the G7 Summit, versus how they treated former President Donald Trump at the same event.

Not only were the media personalities showing just how aware the international media is of our bumbling Stumbler-in-Chief, but they were able to slice and dice how the major cable news outlets were covering for the POTUS.

A Sunday segment of Sky News Australia where the hosts mocked the leftist American media outlets like CNN for “gushing” over their “beloved” new president, calling it “quite appalling to watch.”

“Kenny on Media” host Jack Houghton called up the subject by showing clips of CNN’s coverage of Biden’s visit in contrast to its coverage of Trump’s attendance at the G7 summit in 2018, which clearly showed the network calling Biden’s attendance a positive occasion for all while calling Trump’s appearance the “G6 versus 1,” insinuating that the leaders of every other country were staunchly against then-President Trump.

“They are trying to give the illusion that [Biden] doesn’t have any disputes with any of these international leaders,” Houghton remarked.

“It’s really quite appalling to watch,” commentator Sophie Elsworth added. “And what happened to straight news reporting, which doesn’t seem to be existent there?”

But the comments didn’t stop there. No, the hosts went into a discussion on what impact this type of coverage might have had on the network, pointing out that CNN reporters are acting like “stenographers not journalists” by “documenting history but not being critical” of Biden.

“Give Biden his due, he got to the top of the Air Force One steps without tripping over his shoelaces,” Nick Cater of the Me.

Cater added that it was quite different with Trump, saying that, “Trump can do no right,” he said, referencing the obviously excellent dealings on foreign policy that were commonplace for the former president. By comparison with Biden, “There are considerable question marks over [his] foreign affairs policies, they’re not proven yet.”

Despite the great press that they’re willing to give themselves and the current White House authority, CNN is still seeing ratings in the toilet compared to other news networks and their own previous stats.

Could the biased reporting be coming back to bite the formerly iconic news network? Is it possible that those on the right and those in the middle don’t want to tune in to hear a diatribe against a former executive officer, but rather they’d like to hear some unbiased journalism? Or at least someone’s best attempt at it.

It seems that objectivity, or even the nod toward critical thinking, is something of the past, and the only people who can’t see that, are the people whose paychecks are being affected. The silver lining is that the rating drop means that Americans are seeing the lies and manipulations so often pushed by leftists for what they are.