Insanity Strikes Again Within the Democratic Party Because of Their Belief in Climate Change

The insanity keeps getting more ridiculous within the Democratic Party the longer they remain in control of Washington. Every time there is a significant tragedy or something goes wrong, they are quick to blame it on climate change.

Everything revolves around the temperature and what kinds of gases are being released into the atmosphere. And for those suffering the loss of loved ones in the Miami condo collapse, it makes no difference what caused the trouble. They want their loved ones back.

The Democrats are quick to politicize just about everything that they can get their hands on. The condo collapse in Miami gave them another talking point for climate change. They never stop to consider that other causes can cause problems for people. Sometimes things wear out and need to be replaced. But it does not help matters much when corrupt people lie about inspections to keep a place open.

Jennifer Granholm is the Biden Administration Energy Secretary. She is supposed to be smart enough to be able to distinguish between climate issues and structural issues. But after her clownish speech, many are wondering if she is crazy like the president.

Granholm stated that climate change was the reason for the condo failure in Miami. She stated her lies after it was determined that it was structural, and it appears to be the direct result of inadequate inspections. Her idiotic statement has enraged many people that were directly affected by the disaster.

The insanity of what she is indicating is revealed by what Rich Lowry wrote. He noted that “There’s nothing that can’t be blamed on climate change.” And it was Alex Plitsas that slammed her by stating, “Yes, a global climate phenomenon affected a single swimming pool and parking garage but didn’t affect neighboring structures.”

It was the “I’m stupid” moment for Granholm. In her world, climate change is a vengeful god that attacks specific people and structures while at the same time leaving everything else alone.

Such a statement is a heartless attack on rationality. Commonsense has evaded Granholm, which has led her to make foolish statements about climate change.

The sad little nutcase was asked if she thought there was a possibility that it played into the collapse. She had her chance to tell the people no but played right into their hands. Granholm mentioned, “Obviously, we don’t know fully, but we do know that the seas are rising. We know that we’re losing inches and inches of beaches, not just in Florida but all around. Michigan, where I’m from, we’ve seen the loss of beaches because the waters are rising, so this is a phenomenon that will continue.”

Granholm is comparing a lake with an ocean. Lake levels rise and fall, which makes beaches shrink and grow larger. The beach she is referring to will be there one day and gone the net. It all depends on how much rain falls that particular month or day.

The nutty secretary mentioned that everyone would just have to wait for the report to come out. She took a moment to make a plug for the need for better infrastructure. The kind that is needed is not what she is proposing. There is no need to build a seawall in Miami. The Atlantic Ocean has tides, and that is why the water level goes up and down.

Granholm lives in her little world, where she believes that she can protect herself from natural disasters. Arrogant liberals believe that they have the power to control nature. They honestly believe that they can save the world that has been around a lot longer than they have been alive.

The damage to the building was a lot more extensive than a few raindrops. There was a report from 2018 that showed there was structural damage around the foundation, pool area, and the parking garage—no reason at all to think that climate issues had anything to do with it. Things wear out, and when people fail to do their job, terrible things happen. The reports from 2018 should have been adhered to, and things fixed to keep this from happening.