Inflation, Terrorism, Malaise: Biden’s Failures Doom America to Relive the Worst of the 1970s

Remember President Jimmy Carter? He seems like a nice enough guy. A god-fearing, sweater-wearing peanut farmer and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his humanitarian work. Carter is a relic from an era when our presidents did not sniff young children, a la the current White House incumbent.

But nice guys do not necessarily make good presidents: Carter’s presidency was a disaster for America. Inflation soared and decimated the wealth of American families. Gas prices spiked with the 1979 oil crisis, and consumers were forced to ration. While Carter installed solar panels on the roof of the White House, the Soviet Union preyed on Carter’s weakness and terrorists around the world became emboldened: Iran took Americans hostage, and Carter’s rescue mission — Operation Eagle Claw — failed disastrously.

The pinnacle (or nadir) of Carter’s failed presidency culminated in his infamous “Malaise” speech on July 15, 1979, during which Carter tried to reframe the oil crisis in terms of a moral and civic dilemma, seemingly offloading the crisis onto the American people themselves in what he called a “crisis of confidence.”

But the real “crisis of confidence” was in Carter’s leadership, and Carter was properly spanked by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential election, which Reagan won in a historic landslide: 489 electoral college votes to 49.

Forty years later, in the year 2021, we have a new crisis of confidence in the non-leadership of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. The only popular mandate Biden received from the slim majority that elected him was to unify the country, open schools, and control the COVID crisis to get the Trump economy back up and running.

Instead, Biden has decided to hijack the U.S. federal government for his radical socialist agenda. Biden and the radical left democrats think that the rules of monetary policy no longer apply and that they can print unlimited amounts of money to fund their socialist transformation of America.

Now inflation is picking up as gas prices spike to their highest levels in seven years, lumber prices are at record highs (a critical component of homebuilding), and higher food prices eat more of your paycheck. The double-digit inflation Americans suffered during Carter’s presidency is making a roaring because of Biden’s funny money printing spree and a reckless raid on the U.S. Treasury.

Biden was handed the gift of the greatest economy of all time, but in no time at all Biden is managing to wreck the Trump economy by bloating the welfare state and incentivizing people to stay home instead of going back to work. Providing a livelihood for yourself and your family is a critical piece of self-worth and the meaning we find in life. Instead, Biden and the Democrats want Americans to remain dependent on the welfare state. This is fundamentally un-American. Biden’s welfare state is not only wrecking the U.S. economy, welfare state is fueling the very malaise that Carter lamented.

Meanwhile, Biden has all of the weaknesses of Jimmy Carter. He is making the U.S. homeland the world less safe. Biden is inviting terrorism into the American homeland with open borders, while permitting enemies of the West to pursue their agendas of chaos: China does not fear the Biden administration and they are continuing their aggressive global campaign of control; Russia laughs at Biden’s weakness and is mounting troops on Ukraine’s border, as they continue to attack U.S. troops and hack U.S. infrastructure; finally, Iran is back to building up its nuclear arsenal.

As Biden attacks fracking, it is important that the shale boom gave America energy independence and made the U.S. a net exporter of energy for the first time in this country’s history. This is both an economic issue and a national security issue: cheaper gas prices save U.S. consumers money and energy independence makes the U.S. less reliant on Middle Eastern oil, keeps us out of foreign entanglements, and frees U.S. foreign policy from undue influence by dictators.

And let’s not forget the malaise. The malaise is real, as America is declared racist by Biden’s social justice Marxists, Americans are attacked and assaulted for their faith, and civil society continues to splinter because of Biden’s radically divisive policies. Under Biden, suddenly the U.S. military is more concerned with transgender rights than winning the next war. Thomas Jefferson has been canceled, next up is George Washington. Now the radical left wants to cancel motherhood, and they are bringing racism back into the public square by declaring that racism against white people is okay to make up for perceived historical injustices. If this continues, the U.S. will break out into a race war a la South Africa, whose citizens have taken up murdering white farmers for their land.

Biden is bringing the worst of the 1970s back. The only upside to the incoming pain and suffering is that Americans will come to realize that socialism and weakness have consequences, and they will punish the Democrats for fueling America’s decline.