In Your Face BLM–Law Enforcement Rescues Missing Kids

The only thing worse than a Democratic Convention is finding out the children have been kidnapped and exploited as sexual tools. Law enforcement at every level is attacked by the radical left and Black Lives Matter because they are portrayed as evil entities.

But, law enforcement is the only one out in the world-saving lives and rescuing the kids taken from their homes by sex predators seeking to sell them into slavery.

Black Lives Matter thugs would have a different story if it were their kids that were taken by illegals and then rescued by the police. But they do not want to admit that they need the police when evil stands on their doorstep. The police are the true heroes that BLM and Antifa hate because they are the ones that put a stop to their reckless behavior.

The United States Marshals Service had targeted key locations in Ohio that were thought to have kids hidden waiting for transport out of the country. These kids were taken from their homes and were set to be sold into sex slavery. But that was before the U.S. Marshals stepped in and rescued them.

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio was thrilled to state that “Over the weekend U.S. Marshals rescued dozens of missing children across Ohio, many of whom were being trafficked.” The trauma placed on these kids will take time to heal, but their bodies are now safe.

The name of the sweep is called “Operation Safety Net.” They are cooperating with local law enforcement. These are the kinds of things that happen when local law enforcement works together.

The police in sanctuary cities are kept from helping other agencies because the Democrats protect criminals. They are supposed to release illegals to ICE custody once arrested. If the liberals allowed the cops to work together, their communities would have stories of relief and hope like what is coming out of Ohio.

The Democrats have no compassion for the people that live under their terrible rule. When a kid disappears, there is usually little or no response to the crime committed. The cries of the parents fall on deaf ears.

Communities are encouraged to know that their cops care about them. They want the protection from their police. Parents are concerned about the increase in kidnappings and crime. Their kids are the targets, and that is not something that sits well with parents.

The Marshals office found these little souls in different locations throughout the state. This means that kidnappers are prowling the countryside looking for kids that are left alone or unsupervised. They drive up and take them from their yards or public locations.

Some of these kids are even from homes that push them into sex slavery. When the parents abuse their kids or harm them, there is a tendency for the child to run away. What happens to them is that they are picked up by these people and then sold into slavery.

President Trump is known as law and order president because he supports every American citizen’s safety and welfare. Each person legally living in the country has the right to live in a safe environment—this fundamental concept of being an American torment every liberal.

The Democrats would love nothing more than to remove peace and safety from every person. They are working overtime to create a criminally run country. Their track record of protecting the criminals and illegals proves that they would rather side with sex traffickers than with families being affected by these crimes.

The Marshals Service also targeted Georgia’s state, and 39 children were found stashed away in multiple locations. In this operation, there were nine people charged with various crimes.

Every year kids are taken from their families by illegals and predators. And every year, hundreds of these kids are found and returned home.

But there is still more work to be done. Not every kid is so fortunate to be found by law enforcement. It is time for the riots to end so the police can get back to finding these kids and helping families keep them safe.