Illegals are Allowed to Commit Repeated Crimes in NYC

The Democratic cesspool that New York City has become has a problem with crime. Their crime rate has been climbing rapidly. It turns out that they could easily rid themselves of this problem if they weren’t a sanctuary city.

Rather than working with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to clear out illegal aliens who commit multiple crimes, they protect them. New York City loves to boast that they’re a sanctuary city. It allows illegal aliens from all over the country to flock there so that liberals can turn a blind eye to the crimes they commit.

The problem is that the cops are continuing to arrest the same people again and again. If only there was a way to keep arrested people off the streets. Oh, wait, that’s what prison is for. But the NYC justice system is broken – and it’s why Dems continue to have a problem with crime.

Bill De Blasio isn’t big on fixing problems, though. He’d rather point the finger and blame any Republican he can for his inability to be an effective governor.

The story of Jhonny Alejandro Soto-Ubaldo is a great way to demonstrate just how broken the system is. He’s an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic. ICE is already aware of who he is and has a detainer on him. However, NYPD has to follow the rules of their mayor. So, they first arrested him in June of 2018. Instead of transferring him to the custody of ICE, they released him.

In NYC, most people don’t actually have to do time for a crime. It’s the Democratic way. Just release them and cross your fingers that they don’t commit another crime.

Soto-Ubaldo didn’t learn his lesson, though. Two months after his first arrest, he committed another crime. He was arrested and released, despite the ICE detainer still being in place. In the next six months of 2019, he was arrested six more times only to be released by NYPD each time.

Most cities have a three-strikes rule. Not NYC, though. Bill De Blasio truly wants to go down in history as an idiotic mayor. Imagine – they could solve so much crime by just cooperating with the federal tools in place – like paying attention to and following ICE detainers.

Soto-Ubaldo continues to commit crimes. In March of this year, he was arrested for criminal possession of stolen property as well as unauthorized use of a vehicle. In May, he was arrested again for criminal mischief and assault. 10 arrests and 10 releases instead of letting ICE take care of him.

It’s why the sanctuary city policy doesn’t work. There are countless repeat offenders that don’t have to serve any real-time. For all the bleeding hearts out there that want to let illegal aliens stay in the country, it should be a given that they can’t commit crimes. If they’re going to be in the country illegally, do they have to constantly commit illegal actions, too? ICE needs to deport Soto-Ubaldo – but until NYPD holds onto him long enough for ICE to get him, he’ll continue to commit crimes.

Tony Pham, an ICE official says that Soto-Ubaldo’s case is “one of many examples of how New York’s sanctuary city policies place the safety of the residents at risk.”

Soto-Ubaldo was finally arrested by US Marshals on federal firearm violations and is in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He would have been in their custody much sooner, but the local law enforcement chose to ignore 10 detainers – even though the man committed countless crimes across New York City.

From 2018 to 2019, NYPD is responsible for freeing close to 3,000 illegal aliens with criminal records back into the communities. And yet, Bill De Blasio and the rest of the Dem leaders can’t figure out why their crime rate is climbing. Perhaps, it’s time they stop protecting the criminals.