If Big Tech Starts to Censor, Biden and Harris are in Trouble

The war on “misinformation” has been going on for so long that no one is free from its wrath. Not everything that people say or do online is accurate. People will say or do things periodically that isn’t the truth. It’s not that they’re lying, it’s just that they’re being sarcastic or they’re stretching the truth to make a point.

In an effort to get more people vaccinated, President Biden has been willing to push the federal government to pressure big tech to flag “misinformation.” This can also mean banning people from the social media platforms.

What happens when people are involved in spreading “misinformation,” though? They can be banned from a platform. It was done to former President Donald Trump. And, it may happen to both President Biden and VP Harris if they’re not careful.

What? The Biden administration might be spreading false information? Oh, yeah – and they’ve been doing it for quite some time.

They might want to be careful what they wish for.

President Biden recently accused Facebook of “killing people.” Is this misinformation? You better believe it. What he likely meant was that Facebook was allowing misinformation, and that has made it harder for him to meet the vaccination goals that he set forth at the beginning of his presidency.

If we’re going to let big tech censor everyone for misinformation, though, Biden would have been flagged.

And, according to Press Secretary Jen Psaki, those banned on one platform should be banned on all of the platforms.

Yikes – she may end up getting President Biden banned across all of social media. The administration has to be careful about this war. They may find that they are not going to like the result of it. Considering that we never know what could come out of Biden’s mouth, one wrong stutter could lead to misinformation.

If they’re going to flag one person for misinformation, they have to flag everyone. Otherwise, it’s getting party-specific – and Americans won’t stand for it.

Biden and Harris both have made it hard for people to want to get the vaccine. Is it because of misinformation or is it because of how hard they critiqued the vaccines while it was under Trump?

If they want to start getting rid of misinformation out there, it has to start with the two that are leading our country.

During the Democratic presidential debates, Harris admitted that she wouldn’t get the vaccine if Trump told her to.

Biden admitted that when the vaccine did finally become available, it still wouldn’t have years of tests behind it. He asked who would raise their hand to be the first in line. He said that the only way he’d take it is if it offered 100% transparency and knew everything that went into it.

Hmmm. We still don’t know all of these things. Yet, because it’s a different president telling us that we should take it and that it’s safe, we’re supposed to forget it all. And everything that Biden said last year isn’t supposed to be labeled as misinformation?

This war is going to draw a line in the sand. Either we’re not going to get banned for misinformation so that the Biden administration is protected or things are going to get very political on social media (even more so than they are right now).