Hypocrisy Raises Its Ugly Head As This Parent Digs Deep Into Truth Behind Liberal School Board


The parents in Virginia are sick and tired of seeing their children bullied by those who should be protecting them while attending school. The liberals have once again grabbed ahold of the pandemic and are using it to make themselves feel powerful. The new governor in Virginia has outlawed mask mandates, but that has not stopped the liberals from trying to push them on people.

But for one parent named Marianne Jenson, the fight to protect her child is not over. The Prince William County School Board has kept its mask mandate in place and will not relent based on the notion that the liberals are scared to death of the virus.

The mask mandate is an outdated liberal way of trying to control people. Jenson pointed out that every other school in the country without a mask mandate has not seen any spikes of COVID-19 and for this one tiny district to keep pushing the mandate is nothing more than liberals trying to act like they are in control.

The state of Virginia tried to vilify parents, but when the election period came around, those parents decided it was time to entrust the state with a new leadership team. It was time to turn the state around and put it back on track with being a part of the United States.

Marianne Jenson stated very loudly that “There were not child coffins lined up as some educators in this county suggested would be the case. In fact, things have been going pretty much as normal. Kids are getting sick despite wearing masks. We are forcing healthy children home for ‘exposure’ despite them wearing masks. And we are segregating children by vaccination status and religious exemption status despite the wearing of masks. So I ask you, if masks work, why don’t they?”

Jenson’s statement points out that the masks do not work the way the Democrats claim. People that wear them are still getting sick. People want to stay healthy, but reality dictates that there will be times when the body falls ill with a virus. The body is designed to combat the virus and build up an immunity, so it never gets sick from the virus again.

But the nasty Democrats like to tell people that their natural immunity is make-believe, and they need to trust the Democrats for their safety. The underlying theme for every liberal is to trust in the government for protection and life. But woe unto those that would press for individual freedom.

The Democrats have politicized mask so much that it is dividing the country. It is creating a divide between people who believe the lies of the left and those who know freedom is a God-given gift that needs to be protected. It needs to be protected from the Democrats that would betray people for power.

Jenson slammed the liberal school leaders and pointed out the policies change with the wind. They are based on the fears of a few people that see an opportunity to exploit others.

The heroic parent stated that of all the 49,000 child deaths, there were only 331 of them related to COVID-19. The rest of them were from other causes. And when compared to the number of sick kids, it is such a small percentage that it is not even worth comparing to other causes of death in children.

But the liberals would have people believe that the virus is the chief cause of death in all young people. And that is not the case. The young people in liberal-controlled areas are being held hostage by many power-hungry thugs looking for their five minutes of fame on the nightly news.

The school leaders claim they had to obey the governor’s mandate and put masks on kids. But now that the new governor has done away with the mandate, the school leaders have nothing to stand on. The truth behind their mask mandate is that they want power over people. And they are willing to be hypocritical to get it.