Hunter Biden: Vote for My Dad So I Can Commit More Crimes

My daddy was the Vice President of the United States. My daddy helped to cover up many of my crimes. My daddy helped me get jobs that I wasn’t qualified to have. Quick. If this was a $100,000 Pyramid, who were these clues describing? Why none other than Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden has made millions of fraudulent dollars because of the position that his dad held with the United States government. With daddy being VP, it allowed Hunter Biden into a number of positions all because of his name.

With the name Biden came power. And Hunter Biden was able to get a job on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company. He earned an obscene amount of money per year – not bad for someone who has no background in natural gas.

He also had plenty of dealings with Ukrainian and Chinese companies, earning him millions of dollars that were covered up. All the while, he played in strip clubs and even turned Joe Biden into a grandfather once more thanks to an illegitimate slip up.

Hunter Biden has been quite busy using the Biden name for as long as he could. After all, his daddy, Joe Biden, was once the VP. It’s impressive.

Now that his daddy is running for President, that could mean even more power. So, Hunter Biden is really hoping that his daddy wins. It could mean more money, more illegitimate deals, and daddy hiding all of the crimes that are committed along the way.

Until daddy gets the vote, though Hunter is working on clearing his name on a few things.

There was a $453,890 lien against him in July because, oh, he forgot to pay his state income taxes. He owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only, poof! The DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer said that the issue has been resolved.

That’s a lot of money, but daddy still has people in high places to help him out. According to tax expert Harvey Bezozi, the only way that a lien is “resolved” is if it is paid in full or if the lien was proven to be filed erroneously.

Paying in full? Well, it wasn’t that long ago that Hunter Biden claimed that he was broke and refused to turn financial records over for a child custody case. So, it may be that daddy called in a few favors.

There have been a lot of questions about Hunter Biden and how it is that he has so much money. Although he claims to be broke, his run-in with a stripper that left him as a father once more proved that he was lying. The stripper-turned-mom wanted child support – it’s only the right thing to do. A private investigation firm confirmed that Biden was involved in a $156 million counterfeiting scheme.

Hunter Biden’s made a lot of headlines…and none of them have been good for him or for his father. However, Hunter has done alright for himself. His father’s position has saved his rear and padded his bank accounts for years.

Just think. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to give his son a better life. If Hunter was able to get so many personal favors performed when his dad was VP, just think of the crimes he can pull off if his dad is president. It’s impressive to think about the possibilities – and Hunter Biden is desperate to see what kind of power he can exude once the elections happen.

What do the Dems have to say about Hunter Biden and all of his illegal dealings? Deny, deny, deny, cover, cover, cover. And, when Trump tried to expose the truth and show how Biden used pressure to get Hunter’s charges dropped, the Dems tried to impeach him.

Yep, Hunter is just salivating at the idea of getting more power out of his last name. So, please, if you want to see Hunter get hundreds of millions more in his bank account, please vote his daddy into office. He begs you.