Hunter Biden Better Stay on His Toes…White House Releases Warning About Money Laundering and the Art Business

By Andrew Angelov/
By Andrew Angelov/

President Joe Biden may be sending a warning shot directly towards his son, Hunter Biden. Hunter has recently gone all-in with a new vocation…artist. And according to a new report from the White House, markets for art and antiquities are particularly vulnerable to financial corruption.

The younger Biden should probably take note of this report that warns people involved in the art business about the dangers that come from using their platform for money laundering businesses.

The White House released their report titled “United States Strategy on Countering Corruption.” It was recently brought into the public spotlight by Walter Shaub, a Senior Ethics fellow at Project of Government Oversight. This report revealed that inherent in the art selling business is both unstable and unpredictable pricing. There is also easy access to cross-border transportation of goods. All of this makes for an easy market for criminal transactions and money laundering corruption. 

The report from the White House made it clear that the U.S. government would hold accountable anyone who is engaging in this kind of corruption. They would also enforce existing rules and policies and work with Congress on developing new ways to combat corruption.

This news should cause Hunter Biden to take notice. The president’s son announced his decision to enter the art world this past year. It wasn’t long before buyers began throwing mounds of cash at his paintings. 

There was an interesting twist that caused some immediate questions. The White House decided that the buyers of Hunter’s works of art would be kept secret. They said this was to avoid the potential of any corruption between father and son. They also wanted to keep the buyers secret so that the president would not be influenced to offer any favors to those who were willing to purchase his son’s works.  

Some of Hunter Biden’s artwork has been listed at a surprising price of $500,000. So with this White House rule, that means the American people have no idea would is paying the president’s son such a large amount of money. 

The Washing Post reported, “Under an arrangement negotiated in recent months, a New York gallery owner is planning to set prices for the art and will withhold all records, including potential bidders and final buyers.”

The news agency went on to describe the challenges that are present with the art sale. This is all intensified by the track record Hunter Biden has in allegedly using his father’s name for his own personal gain. This new focus on art, with no tangible price system to use as a plumb line, has raised eyebrows and deep concern. There is certainly potential for secret buyers, exorbitant prices, and the buying of influence. 

The White House is insisting that both Hunter and the president will not be swayed by money. But there is increasing evidence that Hunter has allegedly used his family connection in both China and Ukraine for his personal gain. 

Recently there was information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that contradicts the president’s claim that he had no knowledge or involvement in foreign business deals that were negotiated by his son. Miranda Devine, a New York Post columnist, has written: “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.” In this new blockbuster, Devine reveals that the entire Biden family benefited from business deals spanning Delaware to China. So what are the odds that in this new business that lends itself to inflated prices, everything will be kept above board? And with the people involved being kept from the American public, what are the chances that money will be traded from influence?