Hundreds of Millions of Social Media Users Are Under Attack…and They Have No Idea…Are You One of Them?… Better Find Out

While they may have been a bit slow on the draw, China has come of age. The communist nation may continue to make great strides in the field of technology, generally earmarked for destructive purposes, but they’ve long overlooked the buzzing fly pooping on their squat noses. Social media of the Western variety.

With all of China’s efforts at mixing chemicals, creating viruses, and making things that go boom, they looked straight past one of the most effective propaganda trains of the track. Instead of demolishing their enemies, maybe they could coerce them instead. Let people know they’re getting a bum rap.

Twitter became their primary battleground. Because the platform is banned in China its citizens would be none the wiser. Who cared if they caught wind of it anyway? It wasn’t like they could hop on the platform and start responding.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s former ambassador to the United Kingdom, was the first diplomat to establish a presence on Twitter, doing so in 2019 from his residence in foggy London town. As he gained a substantial following more of his fellow communist diplomats started doing likewise both on Twitter and on Facebook which is also banned.

Liu has roughly 119,000 faithful followers on Twitter and growing. His profile portrays him as a “wolf warrior,” a title he hijacked from a popular Chinese movie. He’s surfing the wave of China’s diplomacy movement that’s sweeping the country. They’re transforming the entire landscape into an up-and-coming Utopia. Get your ticket to their philosophies while it’s still on sale. Sure thing, dude.

Liu now tweets from South Korea where he’s serving as Representative on Korean Peninsula Affairs. Several months back he explained his supposed position by tweeting, “As I see it, there are so-called ‘wolf warriors’ because there are ‘wolfs’ in the world and you need warriors to fight them.” We couldn’t agree more. Except some of those wolves are dressed like sheep.

The saddest part is yet to come. Just between June 2020 and February 2021, his steady stream of propaganda-infused tweets got retweeted by over 43,000 unique users. In those tweets, he railed against the unjust biases being implanted into the minds of Western civilization by corrupt governments with only the worst of intentions. They don’t want you to know how good the Chinese have it.

The other Chinese diplomats are also doing really well but there’s a good reason for their popularity. The thousands of like and heart emojis their wildly fabricated posts are receiving aren’t real. They’re as phony as packaged ramen noodles.

The AP, along with the Oxford Internet Institute, spent seven months looking into the matter. It stunk worse than freshly prepared monkey brains. Sure enough, they uncovered enough battalion’s of fake accounts to form an army. A huge army.

Because these ghost accounts retweet every post made by every diplomat, thousands of times, hundreds of millions of Facebook and Twitter users have been unknowingly bathing in a cascading waterfall of red crap.

The people behind the fake accounts never reveal their true identities. One account might be a potato farmer from Idaho and another a chimney sweep in the U.K. Both express an interest in developing worldwide friendships for the betterment of peace and love. “We are the world”…Sing it with us…

Between June and January, over half of the retweets from Liu’s Twitter account have since been suspended for breaking the platform’s rules. “Thou shalt not manipulate.” Of course, new ones pop up every day so in the immortal words of the Dave Clark Five, “Catch us if you can.”

The propaganda gears continue to grind as more and more clusters of fake social media accounts appear. The majority of new accounts claim to be citizens of the U.K. Thanks to the investigation many of these accounts are being identified and shut down as quickly as they open. But because it’s an endless task a fair amount of them keep slipping through.

Social media is a powerful weapon when used for the wrong purposes. As we witnessed via our last election, liberals particularly, are easily manipulated. Stick a peace sign on something and their bleeding hearts will fall for it every time. Tell them something ain’t right and by God, that’s the gospel according to them. Research not required.

Stay observant out there. If it’s laying on the ground like a dead brainless monkey or smells like a dog roasting on a grill, it most definitely is one.