HuffPo Reporter’s Dramatic Antics Massively Disrespectful to 9/11 Survivors and Their Families

To say that journalism ain’t what it used to be would be the understatement of the decade. However, it’s probable that most of America still feels that the “professionals” working in the news media still have a grasp on things like basic math and the gravity of monumental tragedies.

Apparently, that’s not always the case over at some of the more “puffy” publications masquerading as news outlets.

A clearly deranged, damaged or just dramatic Huffington Post reporter has made headlines by claiming that the events of the Jan 6 Capitol Riots were similar in severity to the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

In The Blaze’s take on HuffPo’s senior White House correspondent S.V. Dáte’s massive gaffe, they showed how the writer took his emotionally unstable comments to Twitter in a round of aggressively ignorant and altogether offensive contrast and comparisons.

In a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday the so-called journalist said that he felt the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks were not even in the same class as the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riots.

Dáte’s insane babbling was sparked by a thread of comments on Twitter by conservative commentator Byron York on Tuesday where he argued in an iconically irresponsible line of reasoning that predictably ended with some far-fetched conclusion, in this case, the insane claim that the Capitol riot was “1000 percent worse” than 9/11.

By way of comparison, the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks were carried out by Islamic extremists who hijacked planes full of innocent travelers, pilled into buildings full of more innocent business people, and killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

It also injured 25,000 more, shut the stock market down for a week, and set off decades-long wars in the Middle East, and brought untold pain and suffering to the families of everyone who didn’t see that last day coming.

The Capitol Riots began with everyone showing up, knowing they were there to stand up for what was right, yes some were on the left inside Capitol Hill, and yes it did get out of hand.

But a crowd of what was believed to be more than a million frustrated Americans, likely infiltrated by professional rioters, if videos are to be believed, ended in the deaths of 5 (or maybe 4, depending on your feelings on one officer’s death that may well have been unrelated, but the left really needed the numbers so they’re blaming the riots).

OK, so let’s see what this reporter had to say, perhaps you’ll agree with the HuffPo White House reporter. Perhaps you too will feel the heat of liberal ire and begin to believe that the death of five is the same as almost 3,000:

Fellow commentator George Will (who this story isn’t about, but could spare almost as much outrage) offered his desire to “see January 6th burned into the American mind as firmly as 9/11 because it was that scale of a shock to the system,” Dáte jumped in to defend Will.

“Trump Apology Corps in full apology mode,” he claimed before arguing that “the 9/11 terrorists and Osama bin Laden never threatened the heart of the American experiment” but “the 1/6 terrorists and Donald Trump absolutely did exactly that.”

“This attempt to whitewash what happened that day is shameful,” Dáte continued, noting that while Sept. 11 was an “act of war,” Jan. 6 was an “attempt to END OUR DEMOCRACY” carried out by U.S. citizens, including then-President Donald Trump.

Dáte refused to back off his stance even when someone pointed out that a number of the 9/11 deaths were meant to take place on the Capitol Hill grounds:

“United 93 was intended to crash into the Capitol. You think January 6th was worse than that?” the commenter asked, to which Dáte responded, “1000 percent worse.”

The reporter didn’t back down, despite all the reasonability being brought to his doorstep and even questioned, “Are people truly having this much trouble distinguishing between an act of war perpetrated by foreign terrorists, and incitement of sedition perpetrated by our own president? Really? If so, American democracy is in serious trouble.”

Dáte’s comments didn’t go unchecked, however: “This is legitimately insane,” one commenter wrote on Twitter.

“This might be the worst take I’ve ever seen,” another added.

Right-wing commentator Stephen L. Miller concluded, “This person is a lunatic who belongs nowhere near a job that is meant to inform people.”

3,000 dead. 2 buildings destroyed. First responders still dying. It also shut the stock market down for a week. The…

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