How Long Before Harris is President?

A long, silver, cylindrical object appears to hover in the sky above Washington DC. Slowly and silently it makes its way to the Earth’s surface and makes a soft, expertly maneuvered landing. A slice in the surface of the craft appears, and stairs are smoothly lowered to the ground. Moments later, to everyone’s shock, a small green man appears. He floats gracefully down the steps, extends his hand to a passerby, and says “Take me to your leader.”

How embarrassing.
Our “Leader” cannot perform the basic functions of communication, and no one seems to be sure that he’s even still with us most times. He often appears to be lost in a fog akin to Alzheimer’s Disease. That’s on a good day.
The Democrats have done everything they can to hide this fact from the American people, but it seems to be increasingly difficult to mask Joe Biden’s mental shortfalls. The internet hosts hundreds of videos of his 100-yard stares and non-sequiturs.  Partial snippets of coherent sentences that trail off into mumbling nonsense are easy to find. Worse, he sometimes enunciates the second half of those sentences well enough for people to realize he’s not making any sense.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the leader of the free world.
Democrats are scrambling behind the scenes to remove his access to nuclear weapons. They’re scripting questions for reporters and giving the president canned answers for those questions. His contact with the media is being carefully managed to avoid the inevitable. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they’ve baby-proofed the oval office at this point.
At some point, it’s going to come to a head. Despite releasing medical records indicating his apparent “Health and Vigor,” if it is, indeed, Alzheimer’s, eventually the fog of dementia will creep over him at an inopportune moment. Somewhere, on the world’s stage,  with everyone watching, the truth will reveal itself.
When it does, the Democratic party will react quickly and decisively. After all, they’ve had months to plan for this. Years, actually. It seems very convenient to me that the changes to the 25th Amendment were championed by the Democratic party at a time when they already knew who the Democratic Nominee for the presidency was. Was Biden showing signs of mental deterioration back then? Was this contingency already planned for?
Was the Biden presidency just a vehicle to install Kamala Harris in the oval office? In the event of President Biden’s inability to discharge his duties as president, who will Harris tap as her vice president? I bet I can venture a guess.
It seems likely to me that Harris would choose Nancy Pelosi for the position. Although, she is not automatically next in line to move up, as many believe. Instead, Harris would be free to choose whomever she wanted to serve as VP. Alternatively, she could choose not to fill the seat at all until the next election cycle. The latter seems unlikely, though.
I’m sure the discussions on what to do when, and if, Joe Biden finally becomes too ill to continue have already happened. Considering Harris’s options, Nancy Pelosi seems likely to be tapped as the next VP of the United States. This, of course, would require a majority vote of both Houses of Congress. In that case, I’d expect the fact that she’s a woman to play heavily into the decision.
Republicans would no doubt oppose Pelosi’s nomination, and rightfully so. The Democrats would then simply have to get the necessary votes by peddling the notion of having both the first female president and vice president simultaneously.
Of course, this is all conjecture. According to the Democrats, there is no mental deterioration occurring with President Joe Biden. We’re meant to ignore Jen Psaki’s admission that she discourages Biden from taking unscripted questions.  We’re also encouraged to ignore the outward signs of Bidens seemingly failing mental acuity.
Further, we’re meant to pretend that discussions have not taken place behind closed doors to plan for the inevitable. We’re meant to pretend that Kamala Harris isn’t poised to step into the role of president at any time it seems necessary. We’re also meant to ignore the potential for a Harris-Pelosi pairing in the White House in the near future. In fact, we’re meant to ignore so much with this administration, that it’s becoming difficult to remember what we can admit to knowing.
I know this much:
If an alien landed and asked to be taken to our leader, and if we were being truthful with ourselves, he’d never meet President Joe Biden.