Honor System with Migrants Show Biden Administration is Dumb, Deaf, and Clueless

Joe Biden claims that he doesn’t want the migrant crisis at the border. Yet, everything he does proves otherwise.

There was no border crisis during the Trump administration. Why? There were treaties with the Central American governments. There was an understanding with the Mexican government. Trump took a hard line on immigration: Play by the rules or don’t play at all.

Those treaties were eliminated within hours of Biden taking the presidency.

Biden has made announcements about amnesty and pathways to citizenship.

As a result, millions want in.

And, “I’ll just tell them not to come” shows that Biden is a complete idiot. They’re already coming. And there’s no stopping them at this point.

The Biden administration has to do something. Oh, they’re doing something all right. They’re creating an honor system for a majority of the migrants crossing the border into the United States.

Do they even hear how absurd this sounds?

U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar, a Democrat out of Texas, has announced that thousands of migrants are being released into the state on an “honor system.”

What is an honor system? There are no notices to appear and no court information being presented to migrants. This means that they’re simply released into the country without the means to report to the court system to determine if they’re going to be allowed to stay.

Border patrol agents have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of migrant families, children, and individuals crossing the border.

It’s an unprecedented move, and even the Democratic Texas Representative believes that it’s a dangerous one. As he told Margaret Brennan on a CBS interview on “Face the Nation,” he explained that many are being released with “I emphasize, without a Notice to appear at an immigration court.”

Border Patrol officials have recently identified that they’re handing out blank forms. They’re asking the migrant families to simply report to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office on their own.

Yeah, because that’s going to happen.

The Biden administration is proving just how inept they are at all of this. They’re not gathering enough information on these people. They’re not providing them with enough instructions. And, a year from now, the migrants will still be roaming around the country.

The honor system is a bad idea. Yet Sarah Peck, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security explains that the policy remains to expel families. However, expulsion is not always possible because Mexico is unable to receive them. So, they’re placed into removal proceedings.”

Sure…that might be the case for those who aren’t being released on the honor system. Meanwhile, those placed into removal proceedings may also be treated to a few weeks’ stay at a hotel. All of this courtesy of US taxpayer dollars, of course.

The real problem with Sarah Peck’s explanation was exposed by Randy Clark, a reporter with Breitbart and a 32-year veteran of the US Border Patrol. “Without a Notice to Appear, the migrants are free to travel about the country and are not officially placed into the immigration court system.” This also means that courts can’t order the removal of a migrant because they don’t have the notice to appear. It also means that the court cannot remove an alien without an appeal.

How did the Biden administration not understand this before they rolled out this incredulous plan?

It’s dumb. It’s beyond dumb – it’s ignorant. And the Biden administration has stopped listening to any kind of common sense. They’re not even listening to what comes out of their own mouths at this point because it is nonsensical.

They’re clueless about a problem that they created all because they wanted to ditch every piece of legislation put into place by Trump. They couldn’t fathom that there were treaties in place for a reason.

Now, they’ve got an honor system in place that is simply allowing thousands of migrants to enter the U.S. without any means of getting them out at a later point. Perhaps that’s what the administration actually wants. More migrants mean more voters. More voters mean more control over the country.