Hispanic Dem Rep: Stop Dumping Sick Migrants into My District

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the rather sudden increase in COVID positive tests here in the United States and even beyond. Numbers that seemed to be tapering off just a short time ago are now blowing past months of hard work to ‘stem the flow.’ And on top of that, there is a new and supposedly more dangerous variant of the illness on the loose.

Unsurprisingly this has led the liberal government right back into issuing mask mandates for all, including the fully vaccinated, and a continuous hounding of all those not yet vaccinated to do so at their earliest convenience. Leaders like the cantankerous House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have even gone so far as of late to sic the Capitol Police on anyone caught without a mask who enters the capitol grounds.

By all signs and appearances, stopping the spread has once again become priority number one.

And yet, when we look at our nation’s southern border, we don’t see any sign of that.

Oh, sure, incoming migrants are being tested for COVID, many of them turning up positive. And some are even asked if they want to be vaccinated. But many refuse, both to be tested and vaccinated.

Then, practically before test results can even be verified, these sometimes infected and sick immigrants are quite literally packed onto a bus and dropped off in local border towns, undoubtedly infecting whole communities.

But don’t just take my word for it. Don’t even take the word of other conservatives like Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is fighting to stop this practice.

Instead, take the word of a Democrat and a Hispanic – someone who was once on Biden’s side about immigration issues.

Meet Democratic Texas Representative Henry Cuellar.

As a representative of a district that sits right along the Texas/Mexico border, Cuellar has seen both sides of the immigration battle. But what he sees now is more than he can handle. And he’s calling for immediate change from the Biden Administration.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Charles Payne, Cuellar explained the ongoing problems.

The first issue is that border facilities usually used to detain and process incoming and potentially ill migrants are already so full that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have dropped off immigrants at a local charity in Cuellar’s district.

However, it never takes long for the charity to become overwhelmed and exploding at the seams. So CBP then takes these migrants to a local hotel in a small border town. While problematic on its own, the ever-larger issue is that CBP does so without telling anyone.

Local officials are not even been made aware that a new busload of possibly COVID-positive migrants has just been dropped off or is expected to show up. Hell, they aren’t even made aware of the possibility that some of them could be sick.

Instead, these small border towns are forced to learn the hard way.

What has resulted are entire communities suddenly infected with COVID-19.

Cuellar says, “What I’m asking of the Biden administration is to do a pause. Do a pause. They need to prioritize border Communities. They need to prioritize the men and women of (the Department of Homeland Security).”

Payne then brought up that COVID cases in Mexico have risen significantly as of late, from 1,307 in late May to 17,000 on Tuesday. And that obviously should be of at least some concern to the White House.

Cuellar agreed, noting that if they don’t listen to him or even to the press, the administration needs to be listening to border communities like his own, as they are “at the frontline,” as well as those in DHS who have recently become infected due to the recent and sudden spread.

But Cuellar took his advice one step farther, admonishing the administration for their lack of deportation as of late as well as the lack of publicity given to the little deportations in existence.

He stated, “They need to publicize and show images of people being deported… If you don’t have any consequences, then there’s a green light, and I emphasize there’s a green light for people to come in.”

Cuellar isn’t wrong. With little to no deportations happening or at least no evidence of any, incoming migrants have essentially been told it’s ok to break our laws. And with a pandemic still going on, it’s our own citizens who are paying the price.

At Cuellar says, it’s time for Biden to take notice and put a stop to it all.