Hey Newsom, It’s an Arsonist Responsible for the Fire…

By Bilanol shutterstock.com

It’s always a problem when reality doesn’t match what the liberals say.

If you listen to Governor Newsom of California along with all of the other liberals, the reason California is on fire is because of climate change. It’s why they’re insisting we spend trillions of dollars to start managing climate change.

They don’t realize that climate change isn’t something you can manage. They don’t realize that fires are going to burn regardless of whether people charge their cars or fill them with gas.

There’s something that the liberals don’t want you to know, too.

Arsonists are responsible for most of the fires. If you listen to the media long enough, they’d have you believe that our carbon footprints are so large that fires spontaneously start in the middle of the woods. While fires can start spontaneously from time to time, one of the biggest ones burning across California at the moment was as a result of an arsonist.

The Fawn Fire is one that started last Wednesday and has already burned over 8,000 acres. According to firefighters, it is only 60 percent contained.

As much as the liberals want to scream and holler that we have to do something about the climate to prevent fires, we should really start with yoga instructors with lighters.

Alexandra Souverneva, 30, is a resident of Palo Alto, California who has been charged with felony arson. She’s the one suspected of starting the Fawn Fire – and many believe that she is a serial arsonist.

Now, the story as to how the fire started would only happen in California. Brace yourself.

Souverneva is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology. She was a forestry student. Then, she turned into a shaman because she claims to have a direct connection with the good and evil spirits of the earth.

She was hiking and got thirsty. She found a puddle in a creek bed that contained bear urine. She was going to use a teabag to filter the water so that she could drink it. Well, that failed. So, she did what any shaman who needed to quench her thirst would do – she boiled the water.

That’s when things went south. The fire started to the north of Redding and has spread.

Keep in mind – the fire started because a woman tried to filter bear urine out of a puddle, not because we’re damaging the ozone or releasing too many fossil fuels into the atmosphere.

Now, the liberals still want to hold onto climate change. After all, the fire is near Lake Shasta, a main water resource in the state. However, due to drought, the overflowing reservoir isn’t what it has been in years past.

It’s not at the lowest level, though. The record for the lowest level is 1977. Hmm. Back in 1977, we didn’t have climate change issues affecting the country, though, did we?

That’s okay. Newsom is going to ignore science. He’s going to ignore arsonists, too. How is he going to help the state? Well, he could just hand bottles of water out to everyone so they don’t need to filter out bear urine out of puddles and start forest fires. But, nah. He’s going to take a more liberal approach and sign a $15 billion package so that he can tackle the record heat waves and extreme drought.

Perhaps while he’s trying to figure out how to lower the temperature of the sun, he can talk with the bears so that they can have the common courtesy not to urinate in puddles that could be used for drinking out of.