Heroin Using Professor Suggests Everyone Should Use It

The Democrats seem hell-bent on making it easier for Americans to access drugs. First, marijuana is legalized not only for medicinal purposes but also for recreational use. Then, parts of the Pacific Northwest decide they’re going to de-criminalize all hard drugs.

Soon, hard drugs will fall into the hands of every American.

Meanwhile, a heroin-using professor is actually encouraging the use of heroin.

The opioid is highly addictive and can be fatal. Heroin-related overdose deaths have been on the rise over the past decade.

But, sure – let’s encourage people to use this addictive and potentially fatal drug.

Professor Carl Hart of Columbia University teaches psychology. He believes that since he’s studied psychoactive drugs for over 30 years, he’s more than capable of determining that heroin can be taken safely.

He tried heroin and felt free of stress.

As a tenured professor, he decided that it was time to try heroin. He’d already worked legally with a number of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin for 25 years. He’s not only a professor of psychology but also an expert in neuroscience.

After conducting his research, doing a line of heroin was his next big experiment.

He has decided that he wants to prove America wrong on the concept that “drugs are bad.”

In his new book, “Drug Use for Grown-Ups,” he provides reasoning for why all drugs should be legal.

Yes, a college professor is doing heroin and encouraging it to be legalized and tried.

So, apparently, all of the research about heroin being addictive and causing overdose fatalities is just wrong. We should all stop and listen to Professor Hart since he’s been doing heroin for over six years and is still alive and not living with drug addiction.

Oh, but Hart uses heroin to help him maintain his work-life balance. He uses it recreationally like he uses alcohol. In the book, he writes “Like vacation, sex, and the arts, heroin is one of the tools that I use to maintain my work-life balance.“

And to think that parents are sending their kids to Columbia University to get a good education. This is a man who is actually responsible for teaching today’s youth.

He makes a bold assumption that adults will use drugs. Assuming that people won’t do drugs is “silly and adolescent” as he explains.

Many drug experts say that Hart is offering an idyllic solution when it comes to the widespread legalization of all drugs.

While Hart may be able to exercise control with regard to his heroin usage, that is not to say that everyone can exhibit the same level. Long-term heroin use triggers not only tolerance but also physical dependence.

Decriminalizing the drug use opens up a door for people to openly try the drug without the deterrent that it is illegal. So, people will take their lives into their own hands to see if Hart is right. People who are desperate to find a work-life balance will use heroin because Hart has offered it up as an idyllic solution.

Meanwhile, the drug statistics in the U.S. don’t lie. Close to one-third of all opioid deaths involve heroin. In 2018, 15,000 people died because of an overdose involving heroin.

Hart doesn’t want to look at the statistics. He believes that he’s better because of his heroin usage and encourages society to benefit from it.

While some drugs may offer some benefits, we cannot, as a society, open up all drugs to all individuals. It is like opening Pandora’s box.

The country is already struggling to provide the necessary care to those who have drug addictions and overdoses. Listening to people like Hart would put even more pressure on the addiction crisis centers and leave more people vulnerable to addictions, overdoses, and deaths.

Rather than being celebrated, Hart needs to be brought up on drug charges. After all, he’s literally encouraging society to try heroin. At last glance, heroin is still illegal.