Here’s An Idea…Let’s Close Gitmo…Surely By Now, These Guys Have Learned Their Lessons…Biden Thinks So

A handful of Congressional Republican combat veterans have huddled together to give a stark warning to Biden with reference to shutting down Gitmo. The Guantanamo Bay prison currently houses 40 of the evilest America hating terrorists on the planet.

So just what does Joe Biden plan to do with these deadly dredges of humanity if closes the prison? Come on. That’s an easy one. He’ll relocate them to the US, silly. Maybe even to a town near you.

But then again, they’ve been locked up a long time so he may just let them go figuring they’ve learned their lessons. The jury is still out on that one, but either way, neither option is acceptable

The nine veterans/lawmakers addressed a letter to Lloyd Austin, the newly installed Secretary of Defense. “As veterans of the Global War on Terrorism, we have serious reservations about the Biden administration’s push to close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.”

“Additionally, these terrorists should not be transferred to facilities in the U.S. There is no acceptable reason to bring terrorists to the homeland and risk release due to a legal technicality. For years it has been a matter of debate whether Guantanamo prisoners should have the evidentiary standards as American citizens through the United States judicial system.”

And finally, “It would be a mistake to risk the acquittal of a known terrorist because of a prosecutorial error, a technicality, or a miscellaneous legal loophole.”

The Biden administration is only listening to one side of the story, and it’s coming from anti-war activists who are applying pressure to close the camp located in Cuba. Giving in to their pressure, Biden has vowed to shut it down.

But he hasn’t said much of anything else, such as how he plans on continuing to prosecute the turban-wearing vermin. This includes the guys who masterminded the 9/11 attack.

It’s been shown that 35% of all prisoners who have been released from Gitmo have returned to shooting live rounds at American and coalition troops. Biden has already indicated he’ll bring them to the US where they’ll at least have an opportunity to snag more converts who already pissed-off at the American justice system and would like nothing better than to even the score.

The letter was signed by lawmakers Michael Waltz (R., Florida), Reps. Jim Banks (R., Ind.), Steve Stivers (R. Ohio), Brad Wenstrup (R., Ohio), Ronny Jackson (R., Texas), Andrew Clyde (R., Ga.), Tony Gonzales (R., Texas), Guy Reschenthaler (R., Pa.), and Van Taylor (R., Texas).

“Many of us put our lives on the line to prevent these terrorists from ever returning to the battlefield. Some of us even sustained permanent wounds,” they wrote.

The Obama administration had been in full favor of closing the prison but after careful consideration decided against such a dangerous move. They concluded that by doing so some of the terrorists would surely be set free only to return home and kill more Americans.

The 40 detainees in custody at Gitmo are highly trained and experienced in the use of explosives, weapons of almost any type, and they have received intense battlefield training. None of them are fresh off the desert.

One of the reps, Michael Waltz, described the prisoners in no uncertain terms by saying, “those that remain are the most hardened, the most unrepentant, and the most dangerous.”

“These are the field generals, these are recruiters, the funders, the trainers, these are the enablers. This isn’t just one terrorist you’re releasing; this is someone who can create thousands and train thousands and fund thousands.”

So now we wait and see. Certainly, Biden will meet resistance, but will he listen to it or will he decide it might be politically better for him to go with the anti-war folks. You know. In the name of politics.