Harris Accused of Bullying Staff As Another Employee Leaves the Office

Max Elram/shutterstock.com
Max Elram/shutterstock.com

Vice President Kamala Harris is the worst person to work for. She has seen loyal staff members exiting by the droves because of how she treats people. Harris is a person that will not trust anyone. She only includes a few of her top aides in her schedule and excludes the rest. And now that the world knows what kind of person she is, the rest of her staff want nothing to do with her.

Harris’s office is losing two more important members because of the working conditions that they have struggled through. Peter Velz was Harris’ director of press operations. He stated that he was leaving but would lie when he said, “Today is my last day at the White House, and it truly has been an honor. I will be forever grateful to Vice President Harris, the incredible Team @VP, and I’m so proud of our work supporting this historic Administration this past year. The White House is an amazing place to work — you’re surrounded by the most selfless, smart, hard-working people every day doing their best to serve the American people. And it has been an absolute joy.”

These words of praise to the vice president are inconsistent with the truth. They played nice because they needed a reference to find other work in the real world. And Vincent Evans is the second person to leave since he found another job.

RedState had found a report written by CNN that showed how horrible it was to work for Kamala Harris. RedState had reported that “The departures are the latest in a series of exits by staffers in the vice president’s office, including chief spokesperson and senior adviser Symone Sanders and communications director Ashley Etienne. News of each departure followed a myriad of reports, including by CNN, of staff infighting and dysfunction. …”

The outflow of people all agrees that working for Harris is a terrible idea. Her workers are tired of the bad treatment and lack of clarity to do their jobs right. The report noted that several others are looking for a way out of the dungeon that they are told to work in. Biden is ignoring Harris because even the old man knows that she is not qualified to do the job she has been elected to do.

Harris admitted that she needed to get out of her office more. And yet, with that admission, one would expect her to get up and go somewhere. All she does is sit in her office doing busy work. She is by far the worst vice president to ever sit in that position. The only person that would be worse at being president than Joe Biden would be Kamala Harris.

The nasty boss has been commissioned with several jobs she has failed to work on. The southern border was the first thing Biden gave her. But all she did was fly around and blame every person for the crisis. And all she had to do was implement Donald Trump’s plan to get the border under control. But she was too spineless to bring it up to Biden.

All Harris could do was blame COVID-19 for failing to get out of the office. And yet millions of Americans get out of their homes and report to work despite the virus still being around. Harris cannot hide behind the virus for long. The reality is that she has no clue what she is doing. And instead of admitting her weaknesses and working to improve on them, she cowers in the corner of her office, hoping people will stop looking at her.

Joe Biden has made his fair share of mistakes. But the first one he ever made in the past two years was to appoint Kamala Harris as his running mate. She has been a thorn in the old man’s backside the entire time, and now he wishes to get rid of her but does not know how.