Guns…Will the Rittenhouse Outcome Affect Rights of Ownership?.. Some Say It Might and Gun Sales Are Soaring

By Kiattipong/
By Kiattipong/

Guns. Now that we have your undivided attention, who thinks the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse case will benefit either side of the great debate between the pros and the antis? If you raised your hand you’re probably incorrect. Understand. The first thing everyone must unanimously agree on is whether or not the final verdict is, in fact, correct, and we all know that’ll never happen. We rest our case.

As an abbreviated recap, Rittenhouse showed up in Kenosha, Wisconsin with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Not just any rifle. His weapon of choice was a Smith & Wesson AR-style semi-automatic that he said he bought to hunt and annihilate tin cans with on a friend’s property.

Like everyone, he saw what was happening in Kenosha and volunteered to go there to help protect property from being destroyed by out-of-control rioters. He felt it was his civic duty. But then things went terribly went wrong.

In the heat of the action, and with adrenaline flowing, Rittenhouse wounded one of the rioters and killed two others. And this is why he’s now sweating out his impending fate. Did he act out of self-defense or did he provoke the tragedy?

With both pro and anti-gun activists watching closely, a second equation is being taken into account. This one involves what started the whole mess. A Black man, Jacob Blake, was gunned down by a white Kenosha police officer over a pandemic-related violation, but when the rioting began, the police were nowhere to be found. This was a call to duty for patriots. So was Rittenhouse a patriot, or was a hotheaded kid jumping at the chance to shoot people?

Liberals are hoping to strip Americans of their guns, including law enforcement, by claiming that none of this would have ever happened if guns were a thing of the past. Conservatives, and rightly so, are telling them what a lamebrain fairytale world they’re living in. It’s the old “only outlaws” adage. 

What the silly liberals have ironically failed to take into account is how they’re screaming has led to an enormous uptick in new gun sales. They’re flying off the shelves for fear the Democrats might get their way and tighten restrictions for ownership, or ban them altogether. 

In 2010, prior to the anti-gun movement, the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed 14.4 million requests for new gun purchases. In 2020, post the movement, the number of requests more than doubled to 39.7 million, a clear indicator of how the majority of Americans do not favor gun control. The flies in the ointment are far fewer, but they’re the loud annoying buzzing types that are hard to swat.

Rittenhouse has a devoted core group of supporters who are standing by his side, but according to sociology professor at Wake Forest University, David Yamane, who studies the culture of gun owners, many of them are caught in the middle. He said the difficult issue has them “somewhere in between.”

A majority of gun owners have no objection to tighter purchase restrictions provided the government doesn’t get carried away. They say they have nothing to hide anyway so if the FBI needs to dig a little deeper, so be it. Just don’t take six months to do it. 

With the gun issue being more controversial now than it’s ever been in American history, what are your feelings? Is it okay to tighten restrictions a tad or is the very thought of it nonsense?