Gun Control? Pssh, How About Concealed Carry Permitted without a Permit

There’s a trend that’s showing up when it comes to gun control. As the Democrats push harder for gun control regulations that infringe upon our Second Amendment rights, Republicans push for looser gun control.

Although Biden may claim that he’s coming for our guns, he’ll have to find them, first.

More Republican states are loosening the gun control standards.

Right now, most states require a concealed carry permit in order to hide a gun on your person. In order to get a permit, it means completing an approved gun safety class. Further, it means meeting the qualifications to purchase a handgun.

The concealed carry permit will often serve as a background check for firearm purchases.

There’s no real need for a concealed carry permit. It is essentially a way for those who follow the law to continue to follow the law. Those who carry a permit know exactly when and where they’re allowed to carry in a concealed way.

The reality is that those who don’t have a permit are the ones that you have to worry about. They’re the ones that are more likely to carry a gun (concealed or otherwise) for the purpose of a nefarious act.

Many will argue that a concealed carry permit is just another way for law-abiding citizens to be slowed on the ability to purchase a gun.

Most criminals don’t try to obtain firearms legally. Therefore, the concealed carry permit isn’t going to apply to criminals anyway.

As such, concealed carry permits may start to go away in red states. They’ll do a background check and as long as you have yet to commit a crime, you can be given a gun.

Plenty of states already allow you to carry concealed without a permit – Maine, Vermont, Arizona, Alaska, and Wyoming are a few of them.

There are also states that allow you to open carry, such as Texas and New Mexico.

States are fighting back. They don’t want the Biden administration to win on gun control. We’re already seeing our freedom of speech being stripped away. If our right to bear arms is stripped away, we’ll have no way to fight back when the government becomes tyrannical – and that’s what they’re hoping for.

The state House committee in Utah is voting to allow carrying concealed weapons without a permit. Meanwhile, in South Carolina, they’re voting to allow open carry.

Why are Republicans suddenly fighting to loosen gun control? It’s all to maintain the balance. If the Democrats are going to push the spectrum of gun control to the far left, they’ll push to the far left to even the scales.

It’s all to prove that gun control is ridiculous. Gun control won’t stop the criminals. The criminals aren’t going to apply for permits. They’re not going to obtain guns legally. They’ll buy from the black market because it’s quicker – and they won’t have to worry about being denied a permit because their background check won’t go through.

The only thing that gun control does is prevent law-abiding citizens from being able to purchase guns. It prevents law-abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves.

Why own a gun? It offers a sense of security. Most people buying guns will do their due diligence. They’ll take a class on how to shoot. They’ll go down to a gun range and practice shooting with their gun.

The Democrats proved one thing over the summer: they refuse to protect citizens. When Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots were happening, people were being held at gunpoint on the streets, in their neighborhoods, and inside of businesses. And the Democrats refused to call in the National Guard to offer a higher level of protection.

It’s why people feel as though they must take matters into their own hands.

If Biden thinks he’s going to come for our guns, he’s got another thing coming. Republicans are ensuring that the guns are in the hands of Americans who want them and who will be ready to fight in order to maintain the democracy of our nation.