Gov. Cuomo’s Slip Reveals What He’s Truly Trying to Destroy During Lockdowns

New York is bracing for another cold and flu season, with the added stress of COVID-19 restrictions breathing down their collective health and economic necks. While many consider it to be prudent of the government to take any and all precautions in the face of the ongoing reports of a pandemic, others doubt that the true information on coronavirus is getting to the laypeople.

According to a report in The Daily Wire, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who seems to have mixed his personal politics with his job to keep residents safe, cited the “virus” of abuses of power as something that is afflicting the nation.

Cuomo, who has been dripping with disdain for President Donald Trump since the New Yorker moved his residence to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, said during a speech at an empty Riverside Church on Claremont Avenue in New York City that “COVID is not the only virus attacking us.”

“We are being attacked by other viruses. COVID weakened our immune system, and when your immune system is weakened, then you get attacked by other viruses.”

“And that’s what happened to America,” Cuomo continued. “We’re being attacked by multiple viruses at the same time, and we must fight them all. Because racism is a virus, and sexism is a virus, and discrimination is a virus, and injustice is a virus, and division is a virus, and distrust is a virus, and abuse of power is a virus, and hatred is a virus, and our America is better than this. Our America is strong enough to admit her mistakes and to grow from them.”

Cuomo’s comments come as many are contemplating whether the economy and the people who are forced to live in it, can survive another complete coronavirus shutdown. Those thoughts would no doubt be running through the minds of anyone who lost a job or had economic hardship, regardless of the severity of the virus. However, it’s an even bigger consideration for those who believe that the statistics could be overblown, just as an attempt to make the president look bad.

“Our America is not a low-tide America, Cuomo went on. Our America is a high-tide America. Our America rises up and confronts that which diminishes our belief in our America’s potential and promise.”

Quoting poet Langston Hughes, Cuomo said, “Our America is ‘the dream the dreamers dreamed. Let it be that great strong land of love. O, yes, I say it plain, America never was America to me, and yet I swear this oath — America will be!’”

“And New York will lead the way,” Cuomo added to applause. The governor has received harsh backlash for a new crackdown which limits private, in-home gatherings to 10.

“New York follows the science,” Cuomo tweeted Wednesday. “We know indoor gatherings and parties are a major source of COVID spread. To slow the spread, NYS will limit indoor gatherings at private residences to 10 people. This limit takes effect Friday at 10 pm.”

“If these measures aren’t sufficient to reduce the spread—we’ll turn the valve more and part of that would be reducing the number of people indoor dining,” said Cuomo at a press conference. “If that doesn’t work, if these numbers keep going crazy … you will go back to a closedown.”

With frustrations on the rise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went so far as to stop reporting flu and pneumonia statistics, just as Americans were beginning to feel that the pandemic could be controlled, and just as they began to question the rights of government to restrict movements.

Comments like Cuomo, making the connection between the virus and abuse of power, only serve to remind Americans that liberals have stated, numerous times, that they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Trump is removed from office. Let’s hope they don’t kill too many of us in the process.