GOP Rep Installs Artwork Outside Office Criticizing Biden

It’s not a far cry to say that most of America is somewhat upset with sitting US Democratic President Joe Biden at the moment. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that it’s the understatement of the year, if not the next three years.

As I am sure you are well aware, most of us are none too pleased about the recently botched withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the subsequent take over the Middle Eastern nation by the known terrorist organization, the Taliban. But what’s been even more distressing, or at least should be to any real American or patriot, is the fact that Biden has left an unknown number of Americans stranded in the war-torn nation with no known hope or plan to get back home.

Thankfully, there are those in our nation’s capital who are not sitting idly by and ignoring the crisis these people are now facing, thanks to their own president.

One such individual is Republican Representative Jim Banks of Indiana.

And Banks has a message for Biden, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As portrayed by his Twitter account on Friday, the message showcases some new artwork outside of the GOP lawmaker’s office on Capitol Hill.

The poster includes the now-infamous image of Joe Biden looking down at his watch for the 13th time, the same number of American heroes who were recently killed in Afghanistan, thanks to a suicide bomber at the Kabul airport. Biden had been captured on camera and witnessed by more than a few doing this all throughout the “dignified transfer of remains” ceremony that took place last week as if to say that their lives didn’t matter to him and were merely taking up valuable time in his busy schedule.

But along with the image is the real message, words reading, “It’s time to bring every American home.”

The poster has become quite popular as of late, with its recent design and publication by the Republican Study Committee, according to Fox News. Florida’s Representative Byron Donalds also has a copy of it hanging outside of his congressional office.

According to Donalds, “Joe Biden abandoning hundreds of American citizens in a country overrun by radical terrorists makes him unfit to serve as our Commander in Chief. Americans never leave Americans behind – no matter what.” He added, “Mr. President, it’s time to bring every American home.”

As Banks later made clear on his own Twitter account, the poster and its message are meant to be a reminder to both Biden and Pelosi, as well as any of his colleagues who “refuse to hold this admin accountable for the catastrophe in Afghanistan that left fellow Americans stranded behind enemy lines!”

He adds, “The USA leaves no man behind.”

And yet, as Biden has so clearly proven in recent days and weeks, American citizens aren’t really his main concern. Instead, all that seems to matter to the man and his associates is that their power is increased as well as the amount of money in their bank accounts.

If that means canceling energy and job-producing contracts, fine. If it requires letting our borders prove practically nonexistent, being constantly overrun by illegals from all over the world, so be it. So the lives of a few unknown hundreds of Americans tragically left overseas in danger of their very lives should be of no concern either.

And then, of course, there are reports that while Americans were not given safe passage, several older Afghan men with abused child brides were…

It should be noted that while the Democratic left seems to be fine with such disastrous decisions, the rest of us have taken notice and, like Banks, aren’t about to let them get away with it.

And thanks to Biden and friends’ continued loss of national approval, that power they so obviously seek just might be stripped of them sooner than they think. As it stands already, there’s a whopping number of American Democrats who no longer want to see Biden or his second in command, Vice President Kamala Harris, in office.

And 2022, as well as 2024 elections, are bound to prove that.

In the meantime, those like Banks and Donalds are making sure that America’s capital doesn’t forget.