Georgia Secretary of State Acts Surprised Over Call With President Trump

President Trump has been a victim of Democratic targeting by the left to the point that their actions are traitorous. Early on in the presidency, a phone call was leaked out between him and another international leader. The Democrats deliberately used that phone call in an attempt to try and unseat him as the president.

During that moment, it was found a person working under him took it upon themselves to take a private phone call and release it to the world. The Democrats saw that person as a true patriot. But in reality, this person was a mole planted by the liberals to gather dirt on the president to be used against him.

These kinds of betrayal moments are iconic marks of the hatred moments that liberals have for Republicans. They will plant their spies in administrations worldwide just to get the edge and latest dirt on their enemies.

When a phone call between the president and Brad Raffensperger was stolen and released to the public, it was just another way the liberals were actively trying to smear the president’s work. Senator David Perdue stated that he was “shocked” that anyone would stoop so low to attack a public official this way. And it was someone from the same political party.

The liberals loved the leak because it allowed them to attack the ongoing effort to expose their nasty fraudulent actions. They claim that the president is looking “to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.”

The arguments coming from the president are right in line with what has been said. The Democrats found a way to cheat, and they rook advantage of it. It is no coincidence that another virus swept over the world at the same time the Democrats were trying to steal an election.

During the call, the president wanted Brad Raffensperger to challenge the results of the Georgia election. The state was one of six states that stopped counting, and by morning Biden has miraculously won by just a few thousand votes.

The liberals want people to think that President Trump wants to overturn the election because he wants to set himself up as a dictator. This notion that the president wants to stay in power is another lie coming from the Democrats. The president is only seeking to establish fair and honest elections for future generations. He does not want the country to be subjected to socialism and its destructive tendencies.

Raffensperger keeps telling the president that he is flat wrong. And yet one attorney named Cleta Mitchell stated that Raggensperger and his office “has made many statements over the past two months that are simply not correct and everyone involved with the efforts on behalf of the President’s election challenge has said the same thing: show us your records on which you rely to make these statements that our numbers are wrong.”

The call does not make the president out to be a monster but actually proves that he is right all along. The Democrats are trying to spin the call to their favor, but it really is working against them.

Senator Perdue stated that “We’ve had some irregularities in the election in November and he wants some answers. He has not gotten them yet from our secretary of state, it’s one reason why I asked for him to resign, we haven’t got it from our state legislature because there’s been no special session called, and then the president went to court and then I went to court and the courts have denied us hearings saying it’s more of a legislative issue.”

President Trump continues his push to keep the Democrats off balance as the Georgia run-off elections draw near. People are looking for fraud, which makes it harder for the lying Democrats to cheat. Perdue states that the president is “going to call his faithful out here. The people of Georgia will determine the future direction of the country. He’s going to remind them of that.”

He also stated that the president “called for the resignation of our secretary of state, I repeatedly called for a special session of the General Assembly to investigate. None of that happened, and so I started calling out that the only thing left for the president is for us to object and I agreed that I would do that.”