Gavin Newsom Set To Expand Abortion Coverage in the State of California

By Amir Aziz/
By Amir Aziz/

Gavin Newsom continues to find new ways of destroying the greatness of California. The state was once the epicenter of scientific advancement and tourism.

But now, under his leadership, it has become a place that people want to avoid because of the socialism that has been allowed in by the slick-haired man. Companies are fleeing the state, and thousands more are moving away from the circus they are forced to live under.

The latest attempt by Newsom to further the plunge into chaos is to try and expand on the “abortion infrastructure” so more patients from other states can drive to California and murder their unborn children. The lying liberal cannot seem to keep from digging himself into a deep hole with the people.

Newsom and his circle of demons have empowered a few doctors to expand the coverage options. Townhall has reported that the Newsom report wants the experts to “propose policies to bolster the state’s abortion infrastructure and prepare it for more patients.” The move is to allow those that want to murder their kids to come and do it in paradise.

Newsom is trying to speculate if the Supreme Court will overturn the Roe v. Wade court case that made it legal to murder unborn children. The evil man is a picture of the liberals that cannot get around the fact that abortion is murder. They believe that a mother should have the right to choose while ignoring the rights of the unborn.

It is no secret that Planned Parenthood has its murderous fingers in on the research. The drive behind abortions is the mighty dollar. Medical centers get so much money from patients each time they kill a baby. And in some cases, the unborn are sent off to medical laboratories for research. The liberals need to fill their orders for baby parts.

One murderer states that the patients her center of horrors sees are from other states. Many of those seem to be driving over from Texas to get their procedure done.

The Supreme Court is slowly making its way towards a decision. They have been listening to cases all year that are beginning to force a decision on the epic case that has led to the murder of millions of innocent kids. At the center of some of the cases stands the Planned Parenthood organization. Their thirst for money drives their affixation with wanting to murder unborn kids.

Townhall reported that the L.A. Times stated that “Should that happen, reproductive rights experts predict, 26 states will ban the procedure altogether and states with stronger protections for abortion – like California – will draw even more patients. There could be up to a 3,000% increase in people who ‘may drive to California for abortion care’ each year, according to Guttmacher data.”

California is an epicenter for killing unborn kids. Most of the abortions in the country take place in the state. And many of those are from out of state. The Supreme Court is the only thing that can turn the country around and begin to wash the blood from the nation’s past. But until that day, the Republicans continue to fight for life.

Townhall also reported that the Times noted that clinics should “expect up to 50 out-of-state patients a week if the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority guts abortion rights nationally.”

Gavin Newsom and his band of killers have stated that their so-called council is “focused on increasing funding for abortion services, providing logistical and financial help for women who need to travel, increasing the number of healthcare providers who perform abortions and strengthening legal protections for them.”

The sad reality of the Democratic Party is that they favor the murder of children. They are the ones that will fight to keep the door open for their centers to continue to make money at the expense of a life. They fight for the legal right to kill a child at any age. There is nothing that can justify the murder of the unborn. Gavin Newsom wants to turn California into the hub for killing kids.