Gas to Soon Reach $7 Per Gallon Under Biden

Heather A. Craig/

If you’ve been anywhere near a gas pump recently, you know that prices for gasoline have increased dramatically over the last few months. And according to experts, it’s only going to get worse. In fact, some say it could soon reach $7 per gallon in some parts of the country.

According to data reported by Fox Carlina by Gasbuddy, gas prices have been rising for seven weeks in a row. The national average is now nearly 20 cents higher than it was a month ago and almost a whole dollar more than one year ago. And when we look back farther to two years ago, gas prices per gallon have already doubled.

At the end of 2020, gas was only $2.17 per gallon on average.

Now, the average is close to $3.50 per gallon and rising, according to data from AAA. In blue states, like Illinois, prices are even higher. There, gas goes for about $3.60 for a gallon of regular unleaded. In California, where taxes are even higher and everything more expensive, regular now goes for about $4.75, more than a whole dollar higher than the national average.

And experts, such as veteran energy strategist Dan Dicker, say it’s going to be going down anytime soon. According to him, prices will soon be up to $5 a gallon. And in higher-taxed areas like California and New York, $6.50 or $7 a gallon won’t be unheard of.

Now, the political left says these rising prices are due to Russia’s insistence on invading Ukraine, as Russia controls a vast majority of the world’s oil resources.

But that does nothing to explain why, as I mentioned above, the price of gas has been rising for months upon months now. It’s only been in the last couple that problems with Russia and Ukraine have intensified.

And even if the situation between the two nations had been going on for longer, it’s still not enough for gas prices in the US to suddenly skyrocket as they have.

The far more reasonable explanation is that gas is rising because America is no longer an independent oil source. Instead, thanks to Joe Biden, America is now more dependent on foreign energy sources than ever before. And the price for that importation is pushing up prices everywhere.

Think about it, when Donald Trump left the White House in January 2021, the United States was a net energy provider for the first time in some 75 years.

That means that we had so many energy resources here at home that even after supplying all of America’s needs, we could afford to sell what was left to others, such as Russia and China do. We were energy independent, not relying on anyone but ourselves to fuel our cars, heat our homes, and keep the lights on. And we were better off for it.

Yet, a little over a year later, we have become reliant on nations like Russia and communist China to supply a vast portion of our energy needs.

How? Well, it began on day one of Biden’s presidency. You know, the day that he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline that employed some 11,000 US workers and would have provided hundreds of thousands of crude oil gallons from Canada all the way down to Texas.

In addition, his party shut down research and excavation of the NPR in Alaska, a national reserve of petroleum spanning some 23 million acres that could have provided Americans with even more of their fuel needs.

What moves like this have done is to ensure that Americans can’t provide for ourselves, that instead, we have to rely on others, some of whom we do not have the most amicable relationship with.

As GOP Senator Josh Hawley told KTVO, it’s all Biden’s fault.

“This is a guy who came right into office, shut down our pipelines, put thousands of Americans out of work, who were working in our energy sector and took us from being energy-dependent, a feat that took decades to accomplish… He canceled it in the space of a year, and now we’re dependent on regimes like China and others for our energy and all matter of other goods.”

Clearly, Biden’s tactics in the energy industry aren’t working or helping. If he wants a shot at another four years or even for his party to remain in control come November, he better start reversing some of these decisions now.