Fox News Destroyed Its Image–They Messed Everything Up

Fox News is the sellout station of the nation for 2020. They were once known as the conservative news center that millions of people trusted to give an unbiased report on what was going around the world. They have now committed an act of betrayal towards the American people as they jumped into bed with the lying liberals.

Their screwups came the night of the election. But the signs of their betrayal came over the past four years as they slowly drifted to the left. Their attacks on President Trump and their unwillingness to admit their errors led them down the path of betrayal.

Early into the night of November 3 revealed their treachery. The moment they awarded Arizona to Joe Biden without having the final count was a picture into their soul. The nation was stunned to see how fast they turned. And when their decision desk was asked about their call, all people got were smiles and arrogant laughing.

Fox News is in error for the way that they called the election. President Trump may still come out on top in the state. Which would only serve to be a piece of poetic justice as they would have to admit their error. Somewhere along the path of betrayal, the network was bought by the liberal left and enticed to join in on their cheating.

The screwup of calling the state early is not their only mistake. Their reporters were even caught making stupid remarks and mocking people that they were interviewing. Their arrogance spilled out, and personal opinions ruled the night.

Sandra Smith was found to be sitting in front of a hot mic. Her reluctance to show any kind of respect for the guest on the broadcast was lacking. She showed that night was an annoyance that anyone would even question Fox News regarding the reliability of their facts.

Smith believed that questioning the results of the election was a waste of time. Her belief is echoed throughout all of the liberal media as they try and downplay the lawsuits that President Trump is bringing against the states that had compromised the election night results.

Smith and the rest of the Fox News crew are Biden sellouts. They wanted him to win, and they certainly knew that cheating was going to happen. They knew that the states in question were going to be awarded to Biden. Her actions are mirror images of the way every other liberal reporter was acting.

The presidency was not the only race that they called early. Fox News even called the House races in those contested states as being Democratic victories. They even reported that the liberals were going to gain seats.

Everyone believed that there was going to be a blue wave sweeping through the night. But that wave was more of a ripple. The Republicans would take back six seats of the House because the Democrats in those races favored defunding the police.

The Democrats were able to hang onto their majority in the House, but they certainly did not gain any seats. Fox News messed up big time calling the races in nearly half of the country.

Fox News went silent once their mess-ups were exposed. There are still seven House races left to decide. And it looks like some of those seats are going to fall into the conservative camp. People are being lied to by the media, and there is no accountability for the things they are saying.

Fox News has yet to admit its errors. It is unlikely that they will apologize to the conservative millions that once depended on them for an unbiased report. Instead of an apology, Fox News suspended Judge Jeanine from being aired because she supported President Trump. She desired to do something about the fraud taking place around the country.

Conservative America was attacked at the heart election night. Faulty Fox News is going to lose in the end as sponsors pull out, and their view base dwindles. Republicans deserve more than what they are getting in America. The conservatives built the country from the ground up while fighting the evil of liberalism.