Former Official Admits That There Is No Evidence to Support Masking Mandates

The Center for Disease Control is supposed to be the one organization everyone can trust to get health matters right. Over the past 18 months, the CDC has changed its regulations regarding COVID so many times that they have started contradicting themselves. And by flip-flopping with Anthony Fauci, they have lost the trust of the general public.

The public is tired of being lied to. The CDC says one thing, Fauci tells another, and then there is Joe Biden that has no clue what year it is. The CDC has lost the public’s trust because they have started acting like liberals. Everything they try and do is to bolster the Democratic Party and to keep them in power.

Dr. Robert Redfield is the former Director of the CDC. He was irritated when Martha MacCallum, a FOX news anchor, went after the masking mandate. MacCallum told the truth about how the decisions behind the masking mandate for students were based on sketchy data. The data is so faulty that no one wants to talk about it because they know that it does not support the level of protection the liberals are demanding for the public.

There are a lot of officials that will argue that the data behind making up is inconclusive. And some will die defending it as gospel truth. MacCallum was speaking with Dr. Marty Makary, who had nothing good to say about the mandate. She noted that “There’s only one inconclusive study out there on masks and kids and no study funded by the NIH’s $42 billion a year budget. Yet we had a very vigorous recommendation that all kids k-12 should be wearing a mask regardless of their vaccination status.”

The nasty liberals want to force people to get vaccination while telling that it does not protect against any form of the new variant that is spreading around. There was a time when the liberals stated the virus would not affect kids, so they did not need to wear masks. But now, they pushed for more power, and before long, toddlers will be forced to mask up.

And yet, when Redfield enters the discussion, it becomes evident that even he is skeptical of the very center he used to run. He mentioned that all policies and regulations need to be based on factual data. Redfield noted that “These policies should be grounded in data as opposed to opinion. I think [Makary] raises an essential part. There have been very few studies that are compelling in that setting of the classroom.

The fact is not one of the mask mandates anywhere in the country is based on reliable science. They are based on opinion, and how people feel about the typical cold starting to go around a new strain.

He went on to mention that when he was the director of the center, “We did a number of studies when I was there just in fixed settings and recognized that if you aerosolized virus through a mask, and then the recipient had a mask – and these were all dummies – in rooms that were ventilated to different degrees, you could have an impact on the amount of virus that went from one room to another. But that’s not to say in a real-life scenario that that’s efficacious in the classroom.”

MacCallum’s point is that when a mandate comes out, it forces every person to put on a mask. And there is nothing to back up the mandate that proves it helps. The nasty mask mandates are nothing more than a bunch of liberal rules designed to make people feel good about doing something to try and exercise control over things that are really out of their control.

The news anchor flat out asked Redfield if the CDC is wrong on the mask issue. And the former director’s response is interesting to note. He stated that no evidence supports either way. There is not one shred of proof that the paper masks protect from COVID. But commonsense dictates that wearing a mask is not practical. And just because there is no science to back up commonsense does not make it wrong.