Finally! Cuomo Sees Trump is Right and Follows His Lead

Every Democrat that has tasted the opposition pushing back against their political stance to keep things closed because of COVID-19 has been forced to agree with the reopening plans set forth by President Trump.

For months the president has been urging states to reopen schools before the end of August. But the stubborn Democrats refuse to work with the president and now they are being forced to agree with him by the millions of people they have forgotten about.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is one Democrat that is having to swallow his pride and agree with the president that it is time to open schools for learning. The poisoning with fear from Cuomo and others like him have left marks on people that depend on schools for their kid’s learning. They have waited patiently for the time to reopen and now that it is here, they are being very vocal about it.

Cuomo is also now the recipient of attacks from his former progressive friends. They are standing shocked and disappointed Cuomo has listened and agreed with the president over the schools reopening. The plan is in-line with the president’s plan and that is what the liberals are hating about it.

Cuomo is being branded as a President Trump lover over this issue. At some point, the fighting must stop and the people should come together for the future of the children that are being left behind by the pathetic fighting of the Democrats.

Cuomo deserves no credit for reopening the school system. It is something that should have been done months ago. But even with his reluctance to reopen, he still has polluted the process with his liberal sickness. Deep inside he would rather jump into bed with his progressive friends and keep the schools closed forever.

All across the country, the CDC is telling states to open. The virus is moving out and things can return to normal. Kids are reluctant to get as sick as older adults because their immune systems are stronger.

The worst thing to do to a child is to see them isolated to the point that they develop bad social skills and suffer from isolation trauma. Even with all of the positive reports, the liberals still want to punish America by keeping them locked up in their homes. This gives them an arguing point politically as November gets closer.

President Trump is winning the war against the Democratic invaders. His push to reopen schools is extremely popular with people and it is helping him the true polls. His lead over Biden only continues to grow as the crazy old man stays in his basement.

The ultimate goal of the liberals is to keep the country under lockdown for as long as possible. They aim to beat the president over the head with the issue for as long as they can. If they can keep the country in fear, then they can continue to push the panic and violence that is sweeping through the country.

Much of the nations have come to realize that the troubles of 2020 are a result of it being an election year. The Democrats have worked with American hating people to devise problems to keep the president off balance. But even those attacks have only helped his popularity.

Their evil will not prevail as the march to the White House grows closer. The president has been the one force that has kept them taking over and destroying the greatness of America forever. The people of the United States have had enough of the liberal posturing that the Democrats are known for.

The people are going to speak with their votes in November. And what will happen is that they will reelect the one president that is not able to be bought off by powerful people. Biden and his puppet masters will go home with the tails between their legs.

And the Republicans will be the ones sitting in power through all levels of government. America is great because of President Trump and his refusal to be bought by corrupt politicians.