Feminist Demands Parents Apologize for Having Kids

The demonic Democrats are quick to attack people that do not agree with their pathetic path of demoralizing agenda. They seek to dehumanize people for the choices they make and how they celebrate those decisions. One such decision that is private between couples is to have children. And for a person such as Jill Filipovic to degrade celebrators of Mother’s Day for having children is a new low for the feminist Nazi.

Filipovic came out and stated that people who “regret having children at all” need to speak up more and tell their stories. She wants to make Mother’s Day a thing of the past by having people influence others by telling them that they never wanted the kids they have today.

The feminist Nazi has over 156,000 followers. Her small group influence is destructive enough. She has once attacked mothers by telling them that they are lazy and unimportant to society. She believes that they are people that have no drive to achieve anything at all.

She is starving for content to push her feminist agenda. She stated that “I would really love to read more essays and op/eds from women (and men, too) who regret having children as early as they did, regret having as many as they did, or regret having children at all. There’s not much about motherhood that remains publicly unexplored, but that does.”

There is not a rational person alive that will ever admit to what she wants people to come out and confess. For a parent to make such claims about their kids, they never deserved to have them in the first place. Each child who is born deserves to have a loving mother and father to count on for support and love as they grow up.

She confesses that “Well the total meltdown in response to ‘it would be good to talk more about a real but extremely taboo part of adult life’ pretty well illustrates why virtually no one talks about it. But it is wild to see such insane reactions to ‘hey maybe we should talk about this, Women should stay silent about their complicated experience’ is certainly a view, but probably not one YOU should expect a feminist writer to have.”

Filipovic sees kids as a massive burden to her selfish existence. She sees kids as a plague on society. And to make herself feel better about her decisions in life on a day that appeals to her built-in mother’s care, she has to get others to agree with her.

One of her selfish followers stated, “I chose not to have children and best decision ever. I am a hs counselor and have a degree in child development. Love my students, but know I like to be lazy and raising kids=hard work. People need to know themselves better before they bring kids into the world.”

Another follower is Stefanie Irene Weiss. She falsely believes that kids are traumatized when they pick up or hear that their parents did not want them. But most parents that fall into this category are loving enough to keep those feelings to themselves. There is at least some kind of rational bone in them that tells them not to speak those words to other humans.

But Weiss stated that “For everyone responding to this by saying but it’s harmful to the kids to find out later in life that their mother regretted having children, do you actually think they won’t already know? Kids are traumatized by compulsory motherhood, and that’s precisely why we must discuss it.”

The subject that the feminist Nazi wants to drag out into the public is a pointless attack on Mother’s Day and all mothers in the world. She wants all women to see motherhood as what one of her followers has told her kids is a “prison sentence.”

All feminists see kids as a destructive force that is going to be the downfall of the country. They have been led to believe by Filipovic that women are being stepped on and abused because they are the vessels to bear the children. But to follow their logic to the end dictates that the human race is doomed to die because the feminists do not want to do their part and have children.